How Good Garage Builders Can Make Your Garage the Ultimate Home For Your Vehicle

It should be practical; it doesn’t have to be ugly: your garage is still the best place for your car. What should you pay attention to if you are planning to build a garage on your property? In addition to beauty, it is primarily the inner values ​​that matter.

Size matters a whole lot!

Can’t park the car in it? If so, how big is it? It is difficult to get in and out of a garage that is too small, and there is a risk of hitting the walls with the car doors. The garage should not be less than 6 meters long and 2.50 meters wide. The widespread headroom of 1.90 meters is becoming scarce for many SUVs and buses.

A little more air should be planned in here. The cars are getting wider and taller, so there has to be space.

In most garages, bicycles, prams and other space are required in addition to the car. And often it serves as a workshop. Additional space for tools and sufficient sockets is therefore needed. The challenge is usually to build a practical garage in a relatively small space. Good garage builders can do this job for you!

The gate must be efficient


The garage door should be easy to use and safe. And it shouldn’t take up too much space. The trend is towards sectional doors that open and close vertically. Unlike the widespread classic gates, they do not swing outwards, which is particularly advantageous on street fronts.

The operation has to be easy. It can be done by good garage builders. Many drivers do not want to get out of the car to open the garage door; remote controls promise a cure. They even make it possible to get started with building automation by networking the yard gate, garage door and lighting. It is essential to pay attention to the excellent quality and equipment of the door system, i.e. the compatibility of the drive, gate, safety devices and of course the radio remote control. This technology is standard in new buildings today, and older garages can be retrofitted.

The future is a smart home. Of course, the garage is also included. Ask your garage builders to make it smart! The controls of yard and garage door operators can already be coupled with a WLAN router so that the gates can be operated with a smartphone. Or you can check on the way whether the gate is closed.

Light is an ultimate need


Many garage owners want the lighting to come on automatically when the car pulls up. The access to the garage should also be well lit. This is especially true if this path is a little longer and pedestrians use it as access to the house.

Then the driver recognizes obstacles in the entrance early on, such as bumps in the floor or forgotten toys. Luminaires that emit their light downwards are suitable for this purpose. Garage builders can easily combine them with roll-over floor lights, which the driver can use as a guide when entering the garage.

In the garage, lights should hang at a sufficient height on the side walls or under the ceiling to the left and right of the parking space. Only a single lamp in the middle of the ceiling would be ineffective. It would only light up the roof of the car while the other areas remain in the shade. If there are bicycles here too or a lot of work is being done on the car, a third and fourth lamp on the sides is pleasant.


It all depends on the garage builders who you hire for the task. They have the expertise and experience to make a garage suitable for you without too many efforts.

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