Bamboo Flooring: Preferable or Not?

When a bamboo plant is used for flooring of a particular place, it is called bamboo flooring. These days, it can be seen in every household, hotels and resorts as well. It has become very popular today. Along with being eco-friendly, bamboo is also a good substitute for hardwoods, it is durable and also enhances the look of a place. It is preferred for its strong structure and also because it does not attract moisture or insects.

bamboo flooring can broadly be classified into three types:


  • Horizontal installation: In this type, bamboos are divided into the very thin paper-like strip and then are joined together to form a bamboo plank which consists of the tongue and groove of the bamboo plank. The bamboo plank is made really thick. Then the plank is placed horizontally on the floor and fitted accordingly. Then the floor is given the final touch.
  • Vertical installation: The only difference between a horizontal installation and a vertical installation is as the name suggests, the former is done horizontally and latter vertically. The bamboo plank is made after cutting it into thin plates and after joining it we get a comparatively thinner bamboo plank.
  • Stranded woven installation: In this case, bamboos are first reduced to fibres and then are pasted together with the help of glue. They are then compressed under pressure after being dried. This results in a bamboo plank which is much stronger than the above installation techniques. It is much more adaptable and comfortable because it can be installed either horizontally or vertically. 



Although bamboo flooring looks elegant and fashionable, the most difficult part of having a bamboo floor is its maintenance. It should be highly maintained. Here are a few ways to keep your floor as new as possible:

  • Dusting and cleaning: Though it is obvious that the floor requires cleaning every day yet it is particular for bamboo floors. Dust should not be allowed to settle on bamboo floors. It really diminishes the quality of bamboo. Therefore, it is necessary to mop your bamboo floor every day positively. Shoes should not be allowed inside the house. Shoes are the main cause of dust and therefore its best to keep shoes away from bamboo floors, maybe in a shoe rack.
  • Moisture check: Even though bamboos avoid moisture, there are some exceptional bamboos which can destroy your beautiful bamboo floor. It is advisable to keep water and moisture away from the bamboo floor. Even while cleaning, a wet mop should not be used or else it will be absorbed by the bamboo layers within and will make the bamboo weak. If the moisture content in the area is high, there is a high chance that the bamboo flooring will not be fruitful. Therefore, it’s advisable for people residing in areas with high moisture content should not go for bamboo flooring.
  • Carpets: The best way to protect your bamboo floor is to use carpets. Carpets can protect your floor against dust moisture and even sun’s rays. If sun rays are directly reflected on the bamboo floor, it can be harmful. Carpets come in different designs as well as patterns which can intensify the interior of the house along with the bamboo floor.

Bamboo comes in different colours, therefore, bamboo flooring also provides us with a variety of colour options. The natural colour of the bamboo is golden and a little blondish. However, after various experiments, it goes through with different kind of installation techniques it changes its colour. The colour varies from its original colour golden to blonde to dark brown or coffee brown and sometimes even grey. The most used colours are chestnut brown, black walnut, and red oak. Therefore, apart from giving good strength and durability to the floor it also enhances the beauty of one’s floor and makes it look attractive.

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