Cowhide Rugs

How Would You Choose The Best Quality Cowhide Rugs?

A home is never complete without rugs. People cannot deny the fact that rugs can totally change the look of their rooms and they can feel comfortable walking on the rugs. Rugs are basically for covering floors. People can choose rugs according to their budget and they can cover the imperfections of their floor by these rugs. It plays and a very important role in home decor. A rug can be chosen on the basis of color coordination, patterns, softness, and warmth. People love rugs and one the most demanded rug is the cowhide rugs. 

Here Are Some Importance Of Rugs

Cowhide Rugs
Cowhide Rugs

Rugs can change the look of the entire place. By using the rugs, one can sit on the floor and feel the warmth. Rugs are magical home decors they can easily brighten up the room. A home that has hardwood flooring definitely needs the rugs in order to keep the floors covered. The cowhide rugs can be very comfortable and warm for those who love walking on the floors or enjoy their food and time just by sitting on the floors. If placed on the carpet they protect your carpet from getting damaged and dirty.

What Are Cowhide Rugs? 

A cowhide rug is designed by the skin and hair of a cow. They are created using environmentally friendly methods or by chrome tanning methods.  As a result, one gets the very soft and durable rugs that retain the patterns of the cow body and skin, but many times the markings and patterns are been hidden because of the dying process.

  • These rugs are available in many different sizes depending on the size of the cow. Most of these rugs are available in standard size such as 20 to 50 square feet.  There are some bigger sizes also available which are made using and combining the skin of two or more cows. So large-sized cowhide rugs are quite expensive and you need to spend a few extra on this.
  • The cowhide rugs are produced in all the countries which are producing leather products. The biggest leather manufacturers in the world are the USA, China, Brazil, and India. The rugs are made of cow skin and the cows are specially raised in for dairy industry. The skin is first going through the process in order to get the odor out from it. Vegetable tanning and chrome tanning are the methods used for processing the cowhide rugs. 

Things To Know Before Buying A Cowhide Rugs

Cowhide Rugs
Cowhide Rugs


Good quality cowhide rugs can last for many years if taken care of properly. They are even easy to clean and you do not need to spend any additional maintenance cost on them. But, there are some duplicate products available at a cheap rate and you must choose the genuine cowhide rugs only. So make sure, you must check the certifications of these rugs before you buy.


Always choose the rug on the basis of their colors. It is a very important aspect before buying any cowhide rugs. Make sure that the color and pattern one is buying will mix up with other home products or not. You must choose the best cowhide rugs which can blend with the theme of your home.  


The thicker the rug is the more it will stay. The thin rug will wear out faster and will be a waste of money. So you must check the thickness of these rugs before you buy them.

Following all these tips while buying a cowhide rug can be very helpful in getting the best rugs at very reasonable prices. There are many misconceptions about the cowhide rugs but these rugs are one of the best and classy rugs one can have at their home.

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