Different Varieties of Garage Doors That Are Usually Popular

A garage is a place where one or multiple vehicles are parked safely for a long time. There are both private and commercial garages, serving the same purpose on different scales. A garage needs to be protected well for the security of the expensive cars stored there. Hence, it is best to install garage doors manufactured by reputed brands. As there are different kinds of such readymade doors based on the type of operational manner, people need to choose the ones that will suit their garages the best.

Common Types of Garage Doors That Are Installed:

  • Sectional Door: It is most commonly seen in domestic garages, and you can easily operate this garage door. A section or a panel of this door can be opened with the help of hinges and there are small wheels that roll over the vertical tracks placed on both sides of the door while opening or closing it. This type of garage door can be customized according to the colors, textures, and additional hardware preferred by garage owners.
  • Roll-Up Door: This door is made of horizontal slats, which can be rolled up or down, for opening or closing the door. This variety of garage doors is found mainly in commercial garages and industrial warehouses, as its high prices discourage domestic garage owners. Each slat is preferably 2 – 3 inches in size and made of steel, which can be rolled around a cylindrical barrel while opening the door.
  • Side Hinged Door: The galvanized steel frame of this door is attached to a side with the help of metal hinges, to swing open or close the door easily. It is an old model and you can install this garage door in your existing door frame. The hinges can be customized to open the door inward or outward, as per the space available for opening the garage doors smoothly.
  • Side to Side Door: This door is attached to one side of the entrance and placed in the parallel position to the wall. As it opens to one side of the doorway, there is no need for any spring to maintain the balance of this structure. It is mainly placed in a garage where there is very little headroom and operated by an inbuilt retractable motor.
  • Over Canopy Door: This door is made of a single panel that is fitted on a timber frame and inclined to the inner side of the garage. The door moves upward with the aid of pivotal hinges, towards the ceiling of the garage. Thus, it opens like a canopy, which is parallel to the ceiling. If you live in an old property, then you can choose this garage door.
  • Over Retractable Door: These garage doors operate on the same principle as the over canopy doors, which open by lifting towards the garage interior. However, the door panel is suspended freely from the frame, for which larger space is needed. But this type of door is more difficult to operate frequently and also more expensive, which makes it quite unpopular for domestic garages.

People also get several choices on the basis of materials while they attempt to buy garage doors for domestic or commercial purposes. Wood, glass, wood composite, aluminum, steel, and fiberglass are the common materials that are chosen for making these doors of various styles. The wood door is preferred for a traditional and rustic look, as well as its energy efficiency. Glassdoor has a contemporary look but not much durable like doors made of other materials.

But metal garage doors are the most secure door available in the market, and you can search such doors online to choose the best.

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