Benefits Of Having Insulated Garage Doors

Insulated garage doors are extremely essential for achieving maximum thermal efficiency in your construction. Since your garage door is one of the biggest entry points of your house, you need to keep it insulated to maximize comfort level and achieve high energy efficiency for your property. Apart from increasing energy efficiency, insulation also improves the durability and strength of your door and facilitates silent operation. With thermal insulation, your home can be kept comfortable both in hot and cold climates. Let’s talk about a few benefits of getting insulation on your garage doors.

Insulated Garage Doors
Insulated Garage Doors

Reasons for choosing insulated garage doors

If you are still thinking about why to opt for the insulated garage doors, then the following points can clear your doubts.

Energy efficiency: We all focus on insulating our doors, windows, walls and other parts of the house, but seldom do we think about insulating our garage doors too. Since most garages have a door directly connecting to the house, insulated garage doors result in the increased energy efficiency of your property too. This helps in saving the energy required to heat the other parts of your house. An insulated garage door keeps your car, paints, chemicals, and sealants from freezing. It also does not allow heat loss from the house, as your garage door will act as a barrier between your insulated interiors and outside weather.

Insulated Garage Doors
Insulated Garage Doors

Increased durability: As compared to single-layer doors, insulated garage doors are stronger, sturdier and more durable. Modern-day insulated doors are constructed with aluminium or steel, which is filled with the insulation material and then covered with steel panels. This creates an energy-efficient, lightweight door that is less prone to damage than doors without insulation. Stronger doors need less maintenance and repairs, as a result of which their life increases by many years. They are less likely to get damaged by the effects of sun, rain, and wind, and its metal components, drive mechanism, springs and lubrication do not get warped due to cold weather conditions.

Silent operation: Since insulated garage doors have a tighter construction than conventional doors, they tend to create less noise comparatively. Because insulated ones are also heavier than other doors, they are also less likely to vibrate and jolt while running on the track. Most of the old garage doors used to produce a lot of noise due to losing track chains, worn-out rollers, less lubrication in springs and hinges, and other factors. Although noise is not a big concern for garage owners, it can be a huge disturbance if your garage is closely situated near your living room, bedroom or study room. The insulation takes away most of the vibration from the door during operation, due to which it facilitates quieter opening and closing.

Convenience: Many people prefer using their garage not just to park their car, but for working out, for performing hobby activities, for storing things, for spending some leisure time, and other purposes. So, having insulated garage doors definitely makes sense. A warmer garage makes it a convenient place to spend some time in. It works as a warm zone through which you have to pass through while coming in or going out of the house. When you move from your car to the inside of your house, it becomes easier for you to do that in a warm and insulated area.

Safety: Insulated garage keeps your car and your belongings protected inside. It saves your car from freezing conditions, which can have a huge impact on the performance and life of your car. When exposed to freezing conditions, a car may develop dead batteries, low tire pressure, faulty wiring, and spark plugs, thickened brake, engine and transmission fluids, etc. So, having an insulated garage door adds to the safety level of your car in many ways.

So, if you are installing or changing your garage door, consider going for insulated garage doors. When you do that, you will be able to enjoy all these benefits and many more.

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