Galvanised Pipes Melbourne

How To Protect Galvanised Steel Fence Posts

The galvanised steel fence posts are made by dipping them in hot galvanized liquid so they can quickly become powder. This can be coated in a variety of colors of your choice. It is rather simple to gloss over the preferred kind of post and this helps in printing them from getting rust. Doing so ensures the longevity of the posts and ensures that you don’t have to constantly bother about getting them treated. There are a variety of rust protection options available for these. Here are some of them:

How to protect your Galvanised Steel Fence in Melbourne

Galvanised Pipes Melbourne
Galvanised Pipes Melbourne

Primer Paint:

This is one of the most commonly used kinds of paints for galvanized steel fence posts. They are however not really up to the mark and will not provide you with the kind of protection that you are looking for. In this form of a primer, the aerosol is applied using a paint nozzle or can. Doing so leads to uniform coverage and hence one would notice a lot of light and heavy spots around. Though a little prep is done to help them coat evenly, it never really gets the desired result. However, this form of rust protection is usually seen on fences that are built around shops or smaller facilities so that they don’t have to spend much on it or worry about the look. These days, there are some better-quality ranges available for this form of rust protection. However, one should be prepared to do a lot of maintenance and touching up. You should also be prepared that the longevity would be questionable.


This is another famous form of protecting your galvanised steel fence posts is through e-coating. This is a straighter forward and simple method of rust prevention for a variety of iron fences too. These days, manufacturers are shifting to using e-coatings that is more of an organic, water-soluble, paint-like fluid. Fences are dipped in this liquid and then they are passed through an electrical charge. This helps the-coating to bond wit the metal permanently. Also, it should be kept in mind that the metal would have to be spic and span prior to the dipping. If it is not done, then one would see a lot of residues and also get the uneven coating. Considering the popularity of these e-coatings more manufacturers are not paying attention to detail and ensuring that the conditions for bonding are proper. Else, there is a risk that the metal would scratch very fast, especially if the coating is shallow.

Hot-Dip Galvanization:

Galvanised Pipes Melbourne
Galvanised Pipes Melbourne

Galvanised steel fence posts can be protected using this method of rust protection. It is one of the most commonly used forms of protection in heavy-duty construction projects. Since the exposure of metal in these cases would be severe, hot-dip galvanisation helps to get protection from atmospheric, water and soil corrosion. For this method of protection, both metal and dips are placed in a bath of molten zinc. Doing so lets the zinc to permeate the metal surfaces properly. Galvanised steel fence posts should be clean and properly prepared for adhesion.

It should be kept in mind that skipping the right preparation stages would actually hamper or damage the adhesion of the zinc materials. Hence, it is vital that one take their time in preparing the same and ensure that the galvanized steel fence posts are there for a longer period instead of undergoing constant hassles.

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