2 bedroom granny flat design

A Great Variety In 2 Bedroom Granny Flat Designs

Today, a vast majority of homeowners look for 2 bedroom granny flat designs for their residential property. As there are endless configurations and plans, it can be a bit overwhelming to know what fits your needs and style. The good news is that one can go for customized 2 bedroom granny flat designs that provide better space for your storage and living. You can extend your home by building a 2 bedrooms granny flat and you need to take permission from the local municipality before you start the construction.

Modern and ergonomic 2 bedroom granny flat designs

It is essential to have quality inclusions that create not just privacy but separations between the main residential unit and the granny flat. An expert builder knows how to create a detached granny flat that still looks inviting and one with the existing property.

Here are some great 2-bedroom granny flat design ideas that would be perfect for modern living.

2 bedroom granny flat design
2 bedroom granny flat design
  • Ensure natural light– The presence of natural light is a must as natural lights can make your room germs free. Those well-lit and airier rooms would certainly make you feel a lot happier. So you must install proper ventilation systems in your granny flat and you can choose some traditional 2 bedroom granny flat designs in this regard.
  • Open views- Having great site views in the 2-bedroom granny flat design means enjoying more spaciousness even when the spaces are small. Do not let doors or stairwell walls block those glorious views.
  • Minimize clutter – A good 2-bedroom granny flat design plan will always ensure that there is minimum clutter within the spaces. You must leave at least 24 inches passageways between furnishings. Do not accommodate too much furniture in your small granny flats and try to design the granny flat with minimal designs.
  • The height of the ceiling – Maximize the height of the ceiling to make space feel more spacious and bigger. Explore the vaulting of the ceiling if there is an option. Even you can install some ventilation like skylights on the roof.
  • Do not ignore storage – Think about the storage needs and make sure that there is no junk inside the granny flat. You must install proper storage cabinets in your granny flats to keep your flat clutter-free.
  • The right colors- As the contemporary 2 bedroom granny flat designs are compact, it is essential to avoid darker hues that can make them look even smaller. Find the right hues that can open up the inner spaces and for the optimum effect.

Here are some great ideas for a-bedroom granny flat:

2 bedroom granny flat design
2 bedroom granny flat design
  • Build a light-filled home with an abundance of windows and lofted ceilings. The idea is to bring in a lot of natural light and create an illusion of more space.
  • A cork flooring in the kitchen and dining area creates a sprawling look and can contrast with the rest of the home covered in concrete.
  • Incorporate full light, solid wood doors just outside to have easy access to the ground level patio space just outside. One can also add sliding doors to save space and bring in a lot of sunlight.
  • Another great idea to keep the space light and spacious is with the use of clean lines and natural colors in softer hues.
  • Make sure that there is ample built-in storage to maximize space in a smaller room and without the feel of any restrictions of bumping into anything.

Look for builders that have been designing and managing the construction of 2 bedroom granny flat design for decades. It is essential that they carry a good reputation when it comes to professional services.  Sometimes, a great design is not about being too technical or complicated but can be astonishingly simple.

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