Benefits of Orthokeratology and Method for Controlling Myopia

Technology has helped us to come up with a revolutionary way to deal with refractive errors and irregularities in cornea with the help of orthokeratology. These vision correcting lenses can be worn at night while sleeping and you can remove them in the morning and go around working without using spectacles and lenses. You might feel blessed to be able to use these if you have eye problems. Orthokeratology myopic control is one of the best ways to control the eye defects. Hence people who have been wearing lenses and spectacles for a long time can also try this out with actually positive results.

Have you ever wondered what exactly happens is that these lenses are made up of permeable gases and which you can simply insert in your eyes? They allow oxygen to pass through the lenses which help in normal functioning of the eyes. They help in temporarily fixing your eyesight and thus you can reap its benefit for a maximum of one or two days. The side effects of the same which are minimal like seeing glare can soon be subsided and they are not at all permanent.

Orthokeratology Myopia Control
Orthokeratology Myopia Control

Basically, orthokeratology myopia control is very beneficial to children as they can use it for a long time and eventually improve their eyesight. This eventually results in spectacle free adulthood. The lenses help in moulding cornea and thus prevent further growth in eyes. As they grow up, the eyes continue to elongate which is prevented with the help of orthokeratology. This stops near-sightedness to worsen and hence it is most beneficial to children.

Initially, people were hugely criticising orthokeratology as people reported more and more cases of eye infections. Soon it was proven that the eye infections were due to patients not following proper rules regarding hygiene rules and regulations. It was discovered that people were not washing their hand before using the lenses and thus that resulted in infections. Secondly, nowadays better chemicals are being used for the lenses which results in better treatment and solutions.

The benefits of Ortho-K:

Orthokeratology Myopia Control
Orthokeratology Myopia Control

1. Orthokeratology Myopia Control uses mapping technology to measure exactly the dimensions of your cornea which will ensures perfectly fit lenses and thus you can wear them comfortably.

2. These lenses help you in seeing clearly overnight. Just placing those on your eyes for one night help you to see things clearly the next day which is quite fast without any external factor.

3. As stated in the article, people can wear these overnight to treat short-sightedness. The moment you wear them, you can simply go about doing your normal chores without any irritation or uneasiness.

4. People who are not keen on getting surgeries done feel this is a much better way to go about. Surgeries are very technical and is not very appealing option for people.

5. This method is also useful for those people who do not prefer wearing glasses or lenses as they can often be obstructive. People like to go around working without wearing anything on eyes.

6. People involved in sports activities cannot wear spectacles while they are playing and thus orthokeratology myopia control is a better option for them.

Other than myopia, there are other conditions also which is treated by orthokeratology. Eye problems like far-sightedness, presbyopia and astigmatism. For these as well, topography is used to measure the dimensions of the cornea as this allows precision and comfort to the people.

Thus, orthokeratology myopia control is one of the most effective ways to treat eye issues as this does not harm eyes adversely. Hence, more and more people opt for this treatment.

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