roof racks

The Different Types of Roof Racks According to Car Roofs

Most of the commercial vehicles usually come with company-installed racks on top of their hood, while the private cars lack in this. So, they need to install a Roof Rack separately after purchasing the car as an aftermarket accessory. Add a rack on the roof of your car is like adding a new floor and it offers multiple benefits, including additional spaces for sports equipment and luggage and more.

Extra luggage and the roof racks for on-road journeys:

Off-road enthusiasts are required to carry extra luggage, and this proves to be a boon for them as it allows them to carry as many luggage as they want. The Roof Racks available out there are categorized according to the type of roof your car has and you need to choose the right option based on the car roof.

Roof Racks for Rain Gutters

Rain gutters are the popular type of roof for cars and it is being used even when no Roof Racks were available. Even today you will see cars that come with rain gutter roofs, especially the passenger vans and the full-sized cargo vans comprise this type of rooftop. The racks that are installed in this type of roofs usually comprise a crossbar system that needs only the gutter foot packs as well as the load bars for installation. This ensures that your luggage stays in proper condition and in the proper place.

roof racks
roof racks

Roof Racks for Raised Rail

This is another common type of car roof that you will see in most of the vehicles out there. You will see these roofs in SUVs, minivans, and wagons. The Raised Rail Roof Racks are the models that run across the length of the vehicle from back to front and are fixed at the edges of the roof jam. It also has a crossbar system that makes it easier for installation without the use of lifting kit. You will require a load bar and foot packs for the installation. There are different types of vehicles like sports vehicles and normal vehicles depending on which you need to include the roof racks.

Roof Racks for Flush Rail

roof racks
roof racks

This is an extremely new model in the car roof system, and it was first introduced in the European made cars. As the name suggests, it is the type of flush with the roof and there are no additional spaces available between the roof of the car and the rail flush. This makes them invisible, externally and internally. This allows the crossbars to link up quickly to the system. It is highly functional, and the Roof Racks also look quite amazing appealing.

Roof Racks for Half Rails

There are many car owners who prefer dual rails fixed on both sides of the car. They run parallel on the edges of the car roof and you have the option to install fully functional Roof Racks on such roofs. This model lacks in crossbar system and hence for the installation of the racks you are required to make use of roof rack mounting kit which is available in the market. There are also customized versions available in the market which you may opt for and these customized versions of Roof Racks can be styled and designed as per the color scheme and design of your car. instead, you may browse and find more options which would look good and stylish on the roof of your car apart from enhancing the legroom and space for luggage in your car. So, browse across to find the best-suited Roof Racks for your car. Choose a supplier who gives you the best durable roof racks and guards for all your travel-related needs.

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