Tips to Maintain Automatic Doors & Locks

Automatic sliding doors perform a number of utilitarian functions. Along with welcoming a number of people into the facility, they regulate the flow of people into the facility. To ensure that these doors function smoothly, the following tips can be followed:

door locks
Door Locks

Clearing the Obstructions

If the user notices that the door is moving slower than the usual, it means that there is some dirt or rubble in the doorway. This dirt or rubble should be removed as early as possible for the efficient functioning of the door. If the dirt is not removed on time, the door locks also get affected, which in turn affects the locking system and safety of the door.

Sometimes, it is just possible that the door can be reinstalled to ensure that the door has to function properly. Also, just before reinstalling, remove the obstructions completely from the door.

Repairing the Parts

In order to increase the life of automatic doors, one should ensure that the minor parts of the door are repaired on time. Some of the parts that need regular inspection are:

  • Checking the rollers – Place the door on a pair of sawhorses, using a screwdriver, you can access the rollers. After this, inspect the rollers visually to check any worn-out part. If you will not get the rollers repaired, it will adversely affect the door locks and the entire efficient functioning of the door.
  • Checking the door locks – It is important to check the locking system on a daily basis. Sometimes, the dust or dirt can get stuck in the locks and effects the functioning of the entire door.
  • Latches – Visual inspection of the latches can easily show whether they are broke or are fine as it is.
  • The glass that is shattered –If the frame of the door is aligned properly, then the next step is to check the nature of the door’s glass. If the user is a DIY expert, then one can easily replace the glass. Otherwise, it is best to call a professional to install the glass. The steps for DIY replacement of the glass are:
    • You need to remove the trims of the glass at first. And, remove the glass remnants left in the door’s pane.
    • After that, order for a piece of glass. In order to get the right measurements, the door frame should be measured accurately and ¼ inch should be subtracted from the dimensions.
    • Install the glass piece and caulk it into the right place.
    • The trim should be replaced and completely secured with tacks.
    • Clean the excess caulk.

Opting for an Annual or Quarterly Maintenance Plan

One can find a number of annual or quarterly overall door maintenance plans including door locks, hinges, door, etc. in the market that is related to automatic doors. Since the functioning of the automatic doors is due to the presence of sensors and hydraulic mechanisms, it is best to leave the maintenance of these sensitive parts to the professionals. Adhering strictly to the guidelines provided by the maintenance professionals will help in improving the life of the door locks as well.

door locks
Door Locks


All the tips listed above are good steps for maintaining automatic doors and increasing the lifespan of the same. One can find other tips by researching online and talking to the experts before diving into the DIY processes. Overall, it is clear that automatic doors need a regular inspection in order to ensure that the doors are functioning effectively. While choosing a brand, one has to ensure that the valid and assured guarantee and warranty procedures are in place, as well.


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