Warehouse Line Marking

Reasons Why Warehouse Line Marking Is Important In Warehouse Facilities

The first thing one often notices when one walks into a storeroom, processing plant, or manufacturing facility is that each section is divided by warehouse line markings. These markings and strips indicate pathways or walkways for machinery and people, areas where industrial wastes are stored et cetera. While these lines are an integral part of every industry, most employers choose to ignore them and add them only as an afterthought or to comply with the industrial rules and standards. With continuous use, these lines tend to fade and thus lose their effectiveness. This can potentially lead to serious accidents and injuries.

There are few things one has to remember while getting warehouse line markings. The first step in the process is to devise a plan taking into account the nature of the industry, number of employees and future requirement of materials. The next step is to conduct tests to ensure if the plan works, after which one can get the line markings made.

Here Are 5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Getting Your Warehouse Get Line-Marked:

warehouse line marking
warehouse line marking

1. Safety: Ensuring the safety of workmen and workplace safety in general should be ideally among every employer’s top priorities. Keeping your men healthy will ensure that your machines remain in good health as well. Getting warehouse line marking is an excellent investment in that direction. These line markings must be installed in high-risk areas of the warehouse and can be done by using strips of different colors and symbols to separate spaces which have the greatest potential for accidents happening, thereby reducing the chance of accidents and injuries that might happen.

2. Ensuring cleanliness and hygiene of work environment: This especially holds true for those industries which deal in consumable/ perishable products. Maintaining designated spaces can go a long way in ensuring that standards of cleanliness are maintained. The additional benefit of warehouse line marking is that it ensures compliance to industrial standards.  All this has the effect of creating a clean and tidy work space.

3. Efficient use of space: Stocks usually take up most of the space in the warehouse. As your business grows, your requirement for materials increases. By creating designated zones for different items of the stock and inventory, warehouse line marking frees up space, thereby making place for the increased requirement. This also reduces the risk of theft, spoilage and loss of inventory by highlighting the zones for each product.

warehouse line marking
warehouse line marking

4. Effective staff coordination: “Right man, right place at the right time” is the mantra of every business. One of the basic rules of business management is that every man must know where the material is kept. Thus the most touted benefit of warehouse line marking is its ability to increase the productivity and effectiveness of workmen. A well-maintained workspace also has a positive psychological impact on the workmen by helping them think clearly. This leads to smoother operations and increased turn-around rates, meaning that materials will leave the warehouse faster, leading to the business gaining repeat orders.

5. Increased Profits: Effective warehouse management reduces costs by preventing accidents, reducing spoilage and freeing up valuable space. With efficient use of space and well-coordinated staff comes increased productivity. Increased productivity leads to greater profits.

Warehouse line marking is simply the most logical way of ensuring workplace safety. It also improves workers’ productivity by reducing the time spent in looking for material or preventing accidents. Clearly painted strips can help demarcate and differentiate areas for men, machinery and materials.

The success of every organization depends upon how well it uses its limited resources to get the most out of them. These benefits should be enough to convince you about the merits of getting warehouse line markings installed.

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