Spray on Paving: Why It Is An Absolute Winner For Your Outdoor Area

Property owners looking for a cost-effective and aesthetic solution to add a splash of color and design to their driveways, patios, garages or any other outdoor surfaces are increasingly looking in the direction of spray on paving. Spray on Paving is a process of resurfacing your existing concrete floor with a high-strength, slip-resistant cement coating.

Spray On Paving
Spray On Paving

It transforms your floor into an attractive brick or tile light finish that does not fade or crumble for long. Spray on paving promises surfaces that look great, provide a good drip and are slip resistant in wet conditions, allowing you to achieve a design of your choice and even embellish any signage, corporate logos or marking on your concrete floor.

Most sprays on paving services are UV-resistant, and the benefits of this are jaw dropping. Solar energy is absorbed by naked asphalt, concrete and other outdoor surfaces that turn this energy into ambient heat that warms surrounding buildings. Using a UV-resistant spray on paving in surrounding parking spots, walkways and courtyards can slash your cooling costs by 1/3rd. That’s a great selling point property manager can use to sell houses to prospective buyers.

Spray on paving are also highly durable and will most likely stick on until the time you wish to resurface your outdoor area. With low permeability, your spray on coating bonds with the surface and reduces form work.

What surfaces allow for spray on paving? 

This is a common question from property owners who are unsure if spray on paving something is, they should be investing in. Well, you will be surprised to learn that you could spray almost any kind of surface that includes:

  • Concrete/asphalt driveways, pathways & patios
  • Factories
  • Pool areas
  • Stairs
  • BBQ areas
  • Bitumen
  • Car parking areas
  • Roads

Approach a spray on paving expert to explore opportunities for you to leverage the various benefits of spray on paving. 

Spray on Paving
Spray on Paving

What are the various styles or types of spray on paving? 

Exposed Aggregate Concrete Resurfacing:  This is the most popular resurfacing style choice for spray on paving. This basically involves spraying one color first followed by a fleck application of another color. This freckled appearance created by exposed aggregate paving helps in concealing dirt or debris better than what one single color can do. This type of spray on paving can also be given a decorative look by adding a stencil border and/or diamond/triangular patterns.

  • Stencil pattern sprays on paving: This basically means decorative resurfacing for your outdoor areas. From charcoal shading effects to borders and circle rosette designs, stencil patterns offer various options that give your outdoor area a very stylish and designer look. Also, stencil patterns are a great way to hide any dirt or breakages, as opposed to a singular uniform color. Tape tile patterns are also a variant of stencil patterns. It involves creating a uniform grid-like shapes on your concrete. These can be done in different sizes based on your preference. It lends a professional look to your flooring.
  • Custom designs: This option is useful to those of you who would want to spray paint the name of your organisation, school, or locality on the concerned outdoor area. Custom designs also allow for great branding exercises by spraying on the name of your football club, theater, supermarket etc. Custom spray on paving can also be undertaken for design walls.

If you are looking for a spray on paving solutions, it is best you engage a professional who is skilled in this area of work. All of your doubts regarding pricing options, oil leaks from cars, warranty for the job done and the thickness of the finish can be worked around by the expert based on your requirements. We would not encourage you to attempt a DIY job for spray on paving.

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