Tips and Benefits of the Fume Extraction Systems

Fumes are suffocating and cause irritation to our eyes, nose, throat and skin. This is when people are subjected to fumes that are exhaled by a factory which is situated in the outskirts of the city. If you find this alarming, you can very well imagine what it causes to the people who are working in those places and are exposed to these fumes first hand. Fume extraction systems help in minimizing the hazards of the inhalation of these fatal fumes.

Why use a Fume Extraction Systems?

A fume extractor is a system that pulls out the fumes and particulates from the air with the help of a fan. These are then conveyed to a filtration system which cleanses the air by extracting all the harmful chemicals and particles such as the fumes generated by welding, spraying, grinding and other such applications which produce fine particles.

Every year, thousands are falling ill due to prolonged exposure to these harmful fumes By installing fume extraction systems in a workplace, you ensure the health and better working conditions of your employees and workers.

Other than maintaining a healthy workplace, having a fume extraction system means that your company follows the guidelines of the health department and it will help you in keeping your hands clean. Fume extraction also ensures lesser chances of contamination and increases the durability of the products.

Basic Structure and Functioning

The basic fume extraction systems have a canopy which is placed directly over the fume origin which traps the fumes as soon as it is produced. The fan sends the collected fumes to the collection chamber via tubes which are maintained at a specific speed and pressure to ensure that the transfer is complete.

While selecting you to have the option of either buying a portable fume extractor or go for the industrial fume extraction systems but make sure you do invest in one especially if you have a welding business.

Here, it should be noted that the risks of a fire outbreak are higher in these systems as the chances of the three elements- oxygen, fuel and heat – getting mixed causing a filter fire. The systems are so built that for their efficiency they need to create a suction to inhale all the fumes which also means the intake of oxygen.

Fume Extraction Systems
Fume Extraction Systems

Given the high speed at which the extraction arms and the cooling components work, a small spark is inevitable and fuel (any combustible substance) is what you plan to eliminate.

The risks are high; in fact, incidents of fire outbreaks are not unheard of. Many contract severe respiratory and nervous system damages which are beyond repair and may even die. In such instances, you need to install a fire safety system which will work in conjunction with the fume extraction system.

Even small-time business owners should install one. It might seem like a luxury buy but given the benefits it has for your health and well-being, it is worth the price. Another benefit of fume extractor is that it also works as duct collectors hence you do not require to invest separately in a dust extraction system.

When you keep in mind the health of your workers, they too will repay it by working more and with this positive attitude, your workplace will see changes for the better. When the workers get the proper motivation, the company succeeds. There is a smaller number of absentees and more productivity.

This will further improve the company’s image as a place where the workers are treated humanely. After all, if you want to receive, you have to first give. If you gift the people working under you a proper working environment and health benefits, and if you give to nature negligible pollutants, you will be bestowed with better health and greater profit.

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