What are Plastic Washers?

Plastic washers are nothing, but a disc shaped washer with a hole in the middle that is used to distributing the load of a fastener. These are used in the construction industry, manufacturing industry, and automobiles industry as well as other industries with similar work ethics. These are basically used to distribute the weight over the bolts so that they can easily take heavy loads. Therefore, this is one of the very important parts in most industries which produces heavy duty machines or instruments. Therefore, we cannot ignore the importance of plastic washers. There are various types of plastic washers available in the market.

Different types of plastic washers 

As previously said, these are extremely important in most industries; therefore, we cannot ignore its importance in any case. However, there are a variety of washers available in the market. Here is a list of the different types of washers which are available in the market.

  • Nylon plastic washers one of the most popular types of washers in the market is the nylon washer. It is used in most hardware and in a wide variety of fasteners. This type has gained popularity as the material of nylon can withstand grave conditions menacing that they do not react with hard chemicals and are not easily breakable. Therefore, these are very durable and also very important in the use of hardware and fasteners. These are strong and do not wear off easily. Hence, this is the first preference of most workers in the industries.
  • Polyethylene plastic washer – this type of washer is also very favorable to use. The polyethylene material is very easy to spot in water as it dies not to dissolve in water. Therefore, these types of plastic washers are anti corrosive and are a good option for many places. These types of washers are very flexible even at low temperatures. Therefore, you shouldn’t be surprised at their widespread use. This is most used with metals nuts and bolts because of their anti-corrosive properties.
  • PTFE plastic washer this type of washer is very beneficial if we have to install them in high temperatures.  These can be used in temperatures rising as high as 400-degree Fahrenheit. Hence, they have insulation properties which is not find in other plastic washers. Therefore, it is has led to the popularity of this type of plastic washer.
Plastic Washers
Plastic Washers

Benefits of using Plastic washers 

As you can see that the plastic washers are widely used in almost all types of industries because of their manifold and unique properties. Hence, we can easily say that they have a string of benefits which we cannot ignore. Here is a list of some such benefits that we get from using the plastic washers.

The plastic washers are extremely weather-resistant and cannot break off easily. This is one of the main properties of using plastic washers which is highlighted when we go out to purchase them.

  • The plastic washers are also capable of working smoothly in high temperatures and hence can be sued in various industries. This is also a unique benefit of using plastic washers which we cannot overlook.
  • The best part of plastic washers is that they do not produce any spark. Even if we find that the plastic washers are being used along with metal products, they do not cause any spark.

Above mentioned are a few of the major benefits that we get from suing plastic washers. There are various other benefits as well that includes the corrosive properties which also cannot be ignored at any cost. Without a doubt, these are the widely used products in most of the industries.

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