The Comfort Within Timber Windows

What Is A Double Hung Window?

Double hung windows, a type of sash windows is the common window style found majorly in the United Kingdom and other parts of the world that were colonized by the UK many years ago. This style is characterized by two parts called sashes that can overlap slightly and then slide up and down over the frame to which they are attached.

Both of these sashes may or may not be symmetrical and in the majority of the cases, the upper sash is kept shorter keeping in mind about some of the designing aspects. This article majorly speaks about timber double hung windows and their various properties that have made them quite popular among the masses.

Timber Window

About Timber Double Hung Windows

Timber double hung windows are the double hung windows that are made up of different varieties of timber. The use of timber is done primarily to improve the ventilation control into the room by allowing air to enter via all of the directions and keep the structural integrity of the sashes intact. It makes the interior look quite appealing.

These days, the balancing of the sashes is done via the spring balances to provide a smooth and hassle-free operation to the entire system. Three types of spring balances are primarily used for this purpose i.e. clock spring balance, channel spring balance, and spiral spring balance. These types of windows are fitted with hinges to improve the cleaning and escape from the same during the times of emergencies.

The General Properties

The following are the general properties of the timber double hung windows that specify their effective function in improving the overall human comfort: –

Timber Double Hung Window
  • Implementation of strong joints like mortise and Tenon to support the critical structures of these windows and then fitted with zinc coated screws to maintain the structural integrity.
  • Use of completely solid timber structures so as to give the desired shapes and sizes to the product.
  • Completely concealed spring balance system to aid in the smooth and hassle-free operation of the windows and prevent accumulation of excessive friction between the surfaces.
  • Provided with cam catches to maintain the pressure clamping of the entire structure.
  • Compression of the sashes to prevent air and water infiltration and maintain the comfort levels within the room.
  • Timber of heavier cross sections used to increase the structural strength and improve the overall life of the product.
  • Available in wide ranges of glazing choices and timber shades so as to satisfy the needs of a large group of customers.
  • Use of aluminum or timber insect screens in the external of the double hung structure to keep away the pests and make them under control.
  • Use of resistant fillers inside of the primary timber structure to prevent the eating of the same by pests.

The Advantages

Timber double hung windows have the following advantages, primarily due to the above-mentioned general properties: –

  • The superior quality of air ventilation that controls the airflow, enhances the quality of indoor air and makes the room impart natural comfort to the inhabitants.
  • Aesthetically pleasing as it comes with varieties of colours and shapes that can satisfy a different group of the customers.
  • Very easy maintenance and involving minimal use of water or cleansing agents.
  • Allow the easy fitting of the window screens as well as air conditioners within the room.
  • Allows ample amount of light into the room and hence keeping the room sufficiently illuminated during the daytime.
  • Very safe in operation and hardly shows any maintenance issues, be it in sliding as well as the overall strength of the structure.

If you want to know about timber double hung windows, stay connect with internet for getting more and more information!


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