Ladies Netball

A Quick Guide to Mixed and Ladies Netball

Netball is the original women’s basketball. In this game, two teams play against each other to make the ball pass through the opposition goal ring to score points. It is one of the few games, that is played more by women as compared to men and also it is a rare exception that mixed and ladies netball team tournaments take place where men and women play together in each team.

Different Types of Teams

Women’s Team: There are women competitions in which all women players compete in teams with each other to score more goals and to win a trophy.

Men’s Team: In this type of team, there are only men compete in a team with other male players.

Mixed Team: In this, a team needs to have both men and women to be able to participate in the game.

Rules of Mixed Netball

  • To form a team for the mixed netball, out of the seven players, two players should be men, but that number can be increased to 3 members as there are a total of 7 players in the team. But a team can play a match with the minimum of 5 players in which case, at least 2 men need to be on the team in order to ensure that the team is allowed to play.
  • In case, the team is left with less than 5 members on the team, they would be forced to forfeit the game.
  • All the normal rules that are set for the men and women netball apply to this form of team championship as well.

Positions in The Team

Ladies Netball

There is a total of 7 players in each team and these 7 players have the certain position given to them in mixed and ladies netball. This position is written on the jersey. It lets players know which position they play at and it also determines where they can move.

Goalkeeper or goal defence is the defensive positions and players on these positions try to save the goals.

Centre and Wing Positions: The center position player in mixed and ladies netball is allowed to move most freely as his or her only restriction is not to enter the goal ring. The wing attack and wing defence players have a duty of providing the attackers with the ball to goal and stop the players of opposition from coming in to score a goal respectively.

The last in the mixed netball team is the attackers who are the only ones allowed for scoring a goal and they remain in the section of opposition teams’ goal ring.

Skills Required in Mixed and Ladies Netball

Teamwork: As it is a team game, it is extremely essential to have a proper spirit. An ability to be able to play with other players is required.

Physical Fitness: Another attribute that a player in this mixed and ladies netball team would need is the ability to move around quickly, stamina and strength which are indicators of good health. Any athlete is required to be fit but games like netball, where the player has to move around a lot demands a lot more from the player.

Presence of Mind: The player also needs to be quick to react because that is what actually the game really is about. Presence of mind is needed to defend the team, score a goal and win the game!

Women are lagging behind in many sports, but netball is not one of them. The interest that the ladies show in this particular sport is overwhelming and many international women’s players have made a name for themselves with the help of this sport.

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