Know Whether You Should Choose Blinds or Window Shutters

When it comes to home improvement, people are often in a fix while choosing an effective and functional window treatment. It is always a battle between blinds and window shutters. You may find curtains to be old-fashioned, cumbersome to use and maintain and therefore, you think of using the blinds instead. However, the option is not limited to blinds only as you use shutters as well. It may not seem as an obvious choice, but the window shutters have a lot of benefits to offer. It has its own advantages and disadvantages which is completely different and distinct from the blinds.

Pros of Shutters


The most significant advantage of the window shutters is that these are a timeless edition to your home improvement and can never become outdated.

These shutters are ideal to make a room look classic and elegant and it also provides a gentle light within.  Also, the required air filtration keeps your room bright and fresh as well.

They enhance the attraction and appeal of the bay windows with its stylish designs and with the usage of different materials such as wood, PVC, mirrored and faux wood.

As all homes do not have window shutters, using the shutters help you to make a different style statement that help your house to stand out from the others.

It requires less maintenance and is easy to clean as well. These qualities make it a cost effective option.

The mechanism is simple and needs fewer repairs. There are no cords or chains and hence, it ensures optimal safety for kids.

The shutters are an excellent way to keep the heat away and add privacy and security to your room. It can be installed on windows of any size and shape.

The Functionality of Window Shutters

The window shutters have been in use for hundreds of years, now. The ’flaps’ are placed on both the sides of the window and are used, primarily, for increased protection, privacy and also as an extra layer of insulation. With the change of times, these shutters have become more versatile in design and now, you can get more durable and energy efficient window shutters. These shutters are not only made of wood but also other materials such as aluminum, vinyl and plastic variant. Window shutters are also a very useful functional element in the coastal regions to protect the houses against tropical storms. It can also be used as a part of decoration.

Installation Factors to Consider

You should use window shutters to add a nice touch of charm to your already beautiful and energy efficient windows. Make sure that the properly functional window shutters are installed on the sides of your windows, rather than on the casings with hinges. You can even raise the shutters to give your house a bigger look. It can also provide some ventilation between the shutters and your room, thereby, preventing excessive heat buildup that may damage the exterior cladding.

Tips to Choose Window Shutters

There are few tips to follow when you choose window shutters:

  1. The louver choices – It may have fixed or movable louvers or slats that are the horizontal pieces. Most commonly chosen are the movable louvers.
  2. Material choices – Choice of material is also important. It can be of PVC material or even made up of unfinished wood. You may also get shutters made of wood fibers or resins.
  3. Tensioning – You must also consider the tensioning control and the requirement to prevent the shutter from drooping.

By considering all the important tips, you can make the right choice.

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