Tips for Choosing the Right Incontinence Pads and Products

There are many people out there who face difficulties in controlling urine or even fecal movement. While for some incontinence lingers with common day to day excitement levels like sneezes, tension, laughter etc, for others it tends to be a constant challenge due to various reasons. However, instead of refraining from facing the problem, the smarter way is to move a step ahead and solve it. Nowadays there are numerous incontinence pads and products which offer optimum level of protection and guard from heavy or even circumstantial incontinences. All you need to do is pick the best choice as per your personal needs. At first you need to understand the level of your incontinence so that it becomes easier for you to choose a required product.

Incontinence Products
Incontinence Products

Level of Incontinence

  • For those facing trickling motion of incontinence and that too occasional you term it as light.
  • When you suffer from release of a substantial amount of urine but not full bladder you call it medium incontinence.
  • In day time however, if you release full bladder urine it is generally known as heavy incontinence flow.
  • Overnight is the term used when you suffer constant urine flow throughout the night.
  • For incontinence related to loss of fecal movement control, you call it fecal.

Thus, once you know your requirement you can proceed to other essential factors which help you to determine your choice. When you have known your type of requirement the next step is to decide which type of incontinence pads and products you want to use, disposable or reusable. Both have their essential set of advantages and disadvantages.

Disposable Products

Disposable products are those which are exclusively meant to be used once and throw away. These are specially designed to offer high rate of absorbency along with other added advantages.

  • The use of disposable incontinence pads or products eliminates the need for laundering the soiled pads.
  • These offer premium designs which include breathable side panels making it comfortable wear, leg cuffs for additional protection against leakage.
  • Along with regular, heavy, light, medium and overnight products you can also avail exclusive belted garments, pull up diapers, diapers with tabs, particular male urine guards, etc.
  • These are budget products compared to reusable ones.

Reusable Products

  • Reusable incontinence products seem expensive initially but considering their long-term usage they offer it proves to be comparatively cheaper.
  • Most of the reusable products are easily available in the market in single pack for trials.
  • Since these do not require disposal every day, they are eco friendly since they avoid filling up landfills.
  • These products are available in men’s and women’s pads as well as non-gender pads. Besides there are also booster pads which helps to enhance the absorption, etc.
Continence Pads
Continence Pads

Essential Factors for Choosing the Right Product

Apart from these there are other vital issues which require equal attention when you are planning to choose an incontinence product.

  • As discussed earlier the rate of absorbency required is an essential criterion for choosing an incontinence product. Absorbency is decided as light, medium, heavy, overnight etc.
  • Incontinence products of all types and varieties are available as per sizes. The size of a product is decided as per hip or waist measurement.
  • The designs of these products are sometimes gender specific. The products which are available in body fit shapes are generally gender specific designs. However unisex products are also available.
  • Contour of the product is yet another vital factor. Contour refers to body fit designs, like leg cuffs, side panels, flexible tabs etc.
  • Some products also come along with exclusive odor control technology.

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