Stair Balustrades

How to select the balustrades for stairs?

Balustrades have attained an almost universal importance when it comes to building a house or decorating along with your office space. In fact, stair balustrades are not a recent architectural advantage. These were used a long time back and they were the main features of external and internal architecture.

Stair Balustrades
Stair Balustrades

Apart from supporting the railings and balconies, these balustrades also give the room a different look. They add beauty and elegance to the house or the office in which they are being constructed. This is the reason why stair balustrades have become an important part of building constructions in the interior as well as exteriors. The question which arises here is which type of balustrades you should select for your place? Here are a few factors which come into play and you cannot neglect any of them.

Construction of the house

If you live in a small house, balustrades cannot be installed in a big fashion. In most of the cases, people turn towards stair balustrades while they are installing staircases and balconies for their house or office. However, they can face a problem of having little or no space and they end up installing a couple of balustrades. The best way of doing this and installing balustrades is to install them on the staircase railings as well as small balconies which can be erected in front of the bedrooms or the cabin of the office. This would add a great look to your interior and exterior of the place and all this can be done without any major expenses.

Bigger houses, on the other hand, can experiment with the use of the stair balustrades, as they have plenty of space available for the construction. They can make use of balustrades in the balconies, staircases, facades and open-air arcades, among other places. Also, they can use such designs of balustrades which can give the place a unique look and the size would be larger.

Architecture of the house

This is the most important part when you are constructing stair balustrades at your place. It is the architectural design of the house which dictates the use of balustrades. If you are a fan of vintage design, and you have constructed the house or the office according to the vintage standards, balustrades would look great and will add to the extra beauty of the place.

On the other hand, modern architectural designs do not allow any room for the use of balustrades. Modern constructions use glass.  In this case, having vintage looking balustrades would spoil the look of the place and the construction.

Stair Balustrades
Stair Balustrades

However, there are a few interior settings which can help you blend the contemporary design with the vintage touch. In this case, you can use the balustrades on the external section of the place and have the staircase done with glass on the external part of the place. This combination of the balustrades would surely enhance the beauty of the place and would also increase the style quotient as well.

Final selection

Once you have analyzed the architecture and other settings of the house or the office, then it is time to select the right stair balustrades for the place. As mentioned earlier, small houses do not need extravagant balustrades. A simple balustrade section would be enough for adding the extra beauty. Bigger houses and offices, on the other hand, can enjoy a greater variety of balustrades. Again, you can select a balustrade which will fit the entire construction of the house or the office and the place where you are going to install it.

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