Cheap & Half Price Roller Shutters – Are These Good Options?

Window roller shutters have evolved a lot from the days of the unpleasant and unaesthetic aluminum coverings that used to protect retail shops and industrial buildings. These days, window roller shutters are in high demand for homes. These can boost residential security, reduce energy expenses and noise, and control light. Although shutter prices can be on the higher side, which prompts some people to go for cheap & half price roller shutters, these are not very good options as such. Find out about things to keep in mind while buying low-priced options.


Cheap offerings generally come with recycled aluminum and other low-quality materials. Paint coatings might not stay on them for a long time. This is a very thin material, and cannot keep your windows protected, as you would want them to. Remember that roller shutters are exposed to the elements perpetually, and changes in climate can put them under pressure from high winds, UV etc.

For domestic roller shutters, aluminum stands as the best choice due to the superior grade and the promise of longer lifespan and durability. It can retain shapes and color much better than cheaper materials such as PVC, and offers more protection.

Half Price Roller Shutters
Half Price Roller Shutters


Unlike cheaper shutters that need manual labor, high quality varieties are quiet, smooth and user-friendly. You can choose from many options, which make operations much easier. With radio remote operation, you can regulate the shutters better. You may even regulate a single roller shutter or multiple shutters, irrespective of your location inside your home. You do not have to go out to close down the shutters.


Half-priced roller shutters are usually constructed with inferior motors and other low-quality components. These can break down when you expected them to serve you for long. You cannot rely on these and cheaper shutters can be the cause for much frustrations and stress. You will not have to be concerned about the breakdown of premium shutters. There is minimal or no maintenance requirements. When these get slightly dirty, you can simply wipe them with a moist cloth. High quality roller shutters can sustain for weeks and months even with the least amount of maintenance.

Colors and Styles

Cheap & half price roller shutters are available only in limited styles and colors. Once you pick premium options, you can get access to plenty of options in a variety of colors and styles. You can easily find the best one for your home.

Protection from the Elements

With lower priced shutters, you cannot expect enough protection from the elements such as:

  • Heat of peak summer
  • Rains
  • Hail
  • High winds

Your windows will be left open to falling debris, strong winds or hail during a harsh storm, thus maximizing the risks of glass breakage. Windows with broken glass can attract intruders to your house. High quality shutters can keep your home protected against burglars even after a storm or bush fire.

Roller Shutters
Roller Shutters

Controlling Amount of Light Entry

High-quality roller shutter systems can also let you control the total amount of light coming into your rooms. You can maintain the indoor temperature in a better way. With the right kind of shutter, you can prevent the escape of heat during winter and the entry of heat during summer. Insulated shutters can increase the energy efficiency of your house. Cheap roller shutters, in contrast, are not insulated. This makes them incapable of dealing with heat properly.

Reducing Noise

Other than improving security and other aspects, roller shutters of premium variety can significantly reduce the amount of noise entering your home from the outside. While cheap & half price roller shutters are incapable of doing so, premium offers can reduce exterior noise by as much as 50 percent.

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