Easy to Follow Tips Regarding Servicing of Blocked Toilet

A toilet is a mandatory inclusion in a house. It gets used in each and every stage of human life. They are available in both western and non-western styles. Whatever be the reason, if you are unfortunate you will be truly suffering from the inconvenience caused due to clogged toilet which results into blocked drains and  which makes it very much difficult in terms of usage.

After usage, whenever you flush it the water along with dirt remain stagnant thus making it unfit for forthcoming users. Do you want to continue with this situation for long? Definitely not! Then it is high time to go and carry out with this inevitable task by taking into consideration some highly creative ideas.

Tips to Unblock a Blocked Toilet

As a blocked toilet is not at all good for anyone, you need to take the initiative to carry on with this task with time and patience. Though it must not be carried in a forceful manner, below are some easy to follow tips to unblock a blocked toilet with much ease and convenience to solve the blocked drains. But first of all, it is vital to know the causes that lead towards such a problem.

It is common sense that trying hard to flush down things such as tennis ball, paper balls and other things. If you forcefully try to flush them, it may result into a blocked toilet. In case you find foreign materials other than human stool inside the whole of the toilet, immediately try to bring it out with the help of a plunger or a big rod.

Taking into Usage Some of the Best Tools


As per experts, keeping on flushing forcefully will worsen the situation. Other than creating a clogged toilet, it will worsen the condition of flooring along with the clothes you are wearing. Giving a call to someone to do the job on your behalf may not give you cent percent satisfaction. Thus, it is better to do it yourself using below mentioned tools:

  • Sizable plunger
  • Gloves
  • High quality bucket
  • Metal hanger
  • Newspaper to catch hold of any spillage
  • Domestic products for cleaning

What is the Actual Procedure carried Out to Unblock a Clogged Toilet?

After you have successfully assembled the required products to unblock your clogged toilet, it is high time to carry out the actual operation to get rid of blocked drains. The actual procedure can be easily carried out in the following manner:

  • First of all you need to get a good quality mop that needs to be inserted into the plastic bag. After successful attachment of the same, it is your turn to land on the battlefield. Try to put rubber gloves as it will make you feel easy to carry on the task.
  • Even if you do not have a plunger with you, the task can be carried out with ease and comfort. With the help of the plastic bag, you are supposed to plunge your toilet a number of times. With the passage of time, the toilet will start getting emptied.
  • While carrying out with this procedure, you need to be very much careful. The toilet must not suffer from scratches. As doing so may worsen the situation!
  • After you have successfully done with the whole process, it is time to pour some strong liquid into unblock your blocked drains. Among all, the diluted form of caustic soda has been reported to be much effective.

It will be better if you pour the diluted form of caustic soda into your toilet at night, so that it may be left over for getting cleared. The next morning, pouring some water into the toilet will flush away all toxins. Afterwards, you may use it normally!

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