Paving It the Right Way- Getting Done Asphalt Laying and Paving Service

Asphalt surfaces are commonly used in for places like car parking, roadways, driveways, footpaths, railway platforms, building sites, school grounds, games court and at many other places. This is because asphalt is easy to lay and provides smooth but firm surface for vehicles to drive on. While getting asphalt laying and paving services one has the option of choosing variety of colors as well according to the need and requirement.

In asphalt laying and paving services, contractors use state of art machines that allow them to pave roads and surfaces in relatively less time than that required in traditional manual asphalt laying. These contractors can be hired to get surface laid or repaired as well as for services like drainage repairs, base work preparation, and other related to surface asphalting.

Asphalt Paving
Asphalt Paving

If you already have asphalt driveway but it has begun to show signs of deterioration, patching and calls for repair, overlaying the existing asphalt or completely replacing it may be the only option.

Types of Asphalt services

Asphalt laying and paving services include commercial and domestic projects like

  • Shopping centers
  • School grounds
  • Car parks
  • Civil construction
  • Driveways
  • Roads and Freeways
  • Footpath and Bike Paths

#1 Commercial Paving: Commercial asphalt paving comes in many shapes and sizes. These include design and installation of walking paths, loading docks, basketball court, parking lots, roadways etc. Starting from the planning stage the paving projects move through steps of excavating and grading the surface. Then new asphalt is applied, removed or replaced as the case may be.

#2 Residential Paving: Projects in this category are worked upon in the same way as in commercial asphalt laying and paving services. Skills and ideas can transform the look of your house.

#3 Patching: Sometimes some patch work needs to be done on asphalt especially when it is exposed to harsh climatic conditions. Thus it becomes important to maintain and repair the asphalt. This includes patchwork of potholes, manholes, high traffic areas, snow plough damage, utility cuts and more. Different repairs need different patchwork.

#4 Seal Coating: It plays an important role in asphalt maintenance. It protects asphalt and pavement from the damaging effects that may be caused due to various factors. Weather and light are responsible for maximum damage. Also heavy traffic and other conditions may cause the damage. Seal coating minimize the loss of asphalt. It helps in filling little dents on the surface. It also protects in restoring colors to asphalt. But all asphalt cannot be seal coated. This is unfortunate.

 #5 Striping: Striping is meant for the purpose is for clearly marked spaces and for easy and safe flow of traffic. It needs precision and care. A variety of striping can be done on handicapped spaces, directional arrows, or clearly marked spaces.

What to look for in Service Provider

The service provider should have Asphalt paving specialist as staff. They must be licensed and accredited and must be law compliant. The service provider who seeks perfection in his work and works with your inputs and design is desirable. To make your pavement beautiful and functional he must provide the service well. This will enhance the value of your property. The service provider should offer a cost effective asphalt laying and paving services. At the same time the service must be delivered on time. The contractor must be able to develop pavement maintenance plan tailored specifically to your need. A dedicated team of professional and experts will ensure that the services are well performed. Take recommendations from family and friends. Beware of asphalt contractors who claim to have new methods. Ask the contractors questions to double check details.

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