Importance of Maintaining Oral Health Through Dental Check-ups During Summers

Departing winters paves the way for summers marked by warm temperatures. Although the warmth of the season and the bright hues of the natural feel as a relief from the gloomy winters, it brings its own set of problems. The hot weather, scorching sun, and allergies in the air can bring a toll to one’s health. Moreover, this changing season can also affect one’s oral health if certain precautions are not met, therefore it is even more important for people to visit their dentist in this season.

Dentist – Check Up

Effects of Hot Weather on Oral Health

The various aspects of summers and the lifestyle of people to adapt the hot weather can really affect one’s oral health and hygiene as well. Here are some examples:

#1. Sensitivity

A sudden change in temperature of climate from cold to hot can cause sensitivity of the teeth. Consuming ice, cold drinks and beverages in summers can further lead to tooth sensitivity as the teeth do not feel accustomed to such cold surfaces. Other than lifestyle habits, there are other dental conditions also that can trigger this sensitivity caused by hot weather. These include cavities, gum recession, a fracture in tooth enamel, and so on. Moreover, people with fillings, crowns, and bridges that have eroded with time are also susceptible to tooth sensitivity. To fight this condition, dentists recommend using toothpaste and mouthwash that are specifically designed to provide relief and fight sensitivity by forming a protective layer around the tooth enamel.

#2. Allergies

Summer brings seasonal allergies along with it, something which can affect not only the general health but the oral health of a person too. One such common problem is the condition of sinuses which swell due to congestion when a person catches the allergy. Such swollen sinuses put pressure on the roots of teeth, mostly on the upper back molars, thereby causing pain and discomfort. However, to be sure that it is the pressure from the sinus that is causing the pain and not any other oral condition, you should visit a dentist and get your problem duly diagnosed and treated.

#3. Dehydration

The hot and humid weather of summers can lead to dehydration which also has an effect on the oral health. Due to dehydration, the production of saliva in your mouth can decrease, which makes the mouth dry. This is not a healthy thing owing to the various functions performed by saliva. It not only aids in chewing, swallowing, and digesting food but also plays the role of a natural cleanser in the mouth by preventing the food from sticking to the teeth. Thus, to maintain a healthy production of saliva in the mouth, it is important to keep yourself hydrated by drinking fluids such as water and juices.

#4. Sweet Beverages

In an effort to stay hydrated during summers, people tend to consume liquids that are not healthy for oral health. These liquids include beverages like soft drinks, beer, and soda which contain high amounts of sugar. Consuming such an amount of sugar regularly is highly unhealthy as the acid in it weakens the tooth’s enamel, leading to cavities and gradual rotting of the teeth. To avoid this, it is advised to consume cold water instead of such sugary beverages. And, even if you do consume such drinks, rinse your mouth with water to prevent the acid from sticking to your teeth.

All these conditions are very common during summers and their effect on oral health can be avoided by taking precautions, ensuring the healthy lifestyle, and by regularly visiting the dentist for diagnosing and treating any problem in the first stage itself.

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