Drain Blockage

Easy Strategies to Follow to Fix the Drain Blockage

The main reason why a drain gets clogged is because most of the people are never mindful of what is being thrown into the drain. This careless attitude not only creates a problem for the household member, but it can also cause a lot of problems to the neighbors as well. Some of the easiest strategies that can be followed for removing a drain blockage are-

Drain Blockage
Drain Blockage

#Bent hanger wire

After noticing a drain blockage, the user can take a regular hanger; straighten it out as much as possible, insert it into the drain and then try to fish out the dirt stuck in the drain. During this cleaning process, it is highly possible that the user can find a lump of dirt in the form of a hair ball in the drain. This can be fished out and care should be taken to ensure that the hair ball is not pushed inside into the drain. After this, the drain should be flushed with hot water and then the tap water should be turned on as well. The proper flow of water should also be restored in the best condition.

#Vinegar and Baking Soda

When 1/3rd cup of vinegar is mixed with 1/3rd cup of baking soda, a fizz is created. The user should not waste any time and pour down the mixture into the drain. The fizz in the mixture ensures that the dirt, hair ball, and grime are disturbed from its settling position. The mixture will be allowed to settle in the drain for some time. If it is possible, it is okay to let the mixture settle down overnight as well. After this, hot water should be flushed down the drain to unblock them. As an alternative technique, a lot of baking soda can be poured into the drain. On top of the baking soda vinegar can be poured.

#The Dry and Wet Vacuum

If the individual facing a blocked drain contains a wet or a dry vacuum, it can act as an efficient tool for clearing blocked drains. The first step here is to pour in the vacuum liquids. The vent should be covered in order to prevent a mess. After this, a tight seal needs to be created over the drain. Also, the user can get creative with this and use an old plunger for unclogging drains. If the vacuum is turned to the highest setting, it can act as a very powerful tool to draw in as much of dirt as possible. This might not work always but it is worth a try.

Drain Blockage

#Boiling Water

The easiest tips for clearing a drain blockage are using boiling water. Water should be boiled in a kettle, and the water should be slowly poured into the drain in two or three different stages. This is the quickest method for clearing a drain blockage as well.

#Using a Drain Snake

The drain snake is a sophisticated piece of equipment when it comes to removing the drain blockage. Basically, this is a long flexible rope type of tool used to remove the heavy dirt blocking the flow of water in drains. 

#Using Caustic Soda

Caustic soda can be picked from a local store and can be used to clear the drain blockage. The user should take extra care when caustic soda is handled. Gloves should be worn or else the user will most likely experience burns and rashes can appear on the body as well.

Finally, it is very important for home owners to understand that the waste pipes are larger and bigger than the pipes that supply water to the houses. This highlights the seriousness with which the waste pipes should be maintained.

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