Jib Cranes: What Are They, Their Types And What They Do?

Many small, as well as big workplaces and industries, need special kinds of equipment and machines to maintain a smooth workflow. One of such machines is a crane. It is not just about transfer of goods from one place to another in the safest way, but also saves time and workforce. An industrial organisation may have several kinds of cranes, including jib cranes.

Jib Crane

What are Jib cranes? 

Like other cranes, jib cranes are also machines that can transfer items from one place to another within a workplace. These cranes are with a horizontal load supporting boom fixed to a vertical column. Within a fixed rotation arc, goods can be shifted using this type of cranes. One of the best things about jib cranes is that they are cost-effective crane solutions and fit all kinds of workplaces. Angle adjustment plays an important role to transfer items at a particular distance. There are jib cranes that can move items at semicircle or full circle. In addition, these cranes can also be used to shift goods to the nearby workstations. These are some of the reasons why jib cranes are in much fashion these days. Here are some more advantages of jib cranes that make them a vital member of an industry:

  • Jib cranes are suitable for any kind of workstation, whether it’s small or big. In addition, their weight capacity is also impressive which makes them a great equipment to be used in an industry.
  • An industry doesn’t have to make special adjustments to make a jib crane in their workplace. There are various kinds of jib cranes that can be installed on almost every floor.
  • The ease of rotation at different angles makes it best among the rest. Even, there are jib cranes in the market that can lift and move items at a 360-degree angle. In addition, these cranes are also helpful in shifting goods to the nearby workstation.
  • Installation of jib cranes isn’t difficult. Although they have huge parts, experienced individuals can fix them easily.
  • Jib cranes mean space utilisation. These are the cranes that can be installed in even small spaces which make them perfect for every industry.

Types of Jib cranes  

Depending on their rotation capability, there are four types of jib cranes that are used in various industries. Here are they:

Jib Crane

#1. Free Standing Jib Cranes: As the name suggests, free-standing jib cranes are the machines that are created in a way that they could stand by themselves without any building support. Only a concrete foundation is used as a helper for the crane. Such a crane has the rotation ability of 360 degrees.

#2. Mast Type Jib Cranes: They are cheaper jib cranes that are supported by floor or overhead building steel. They further can be of two types: full cantilever and drop cantilever.

#3. Wall Mounted Jib Cranes: It is cleared by the name that they are supported by a wall. They can rotate at an angle of 200 degrees.

#4. MET-TRACK® workstation jib cranes: It is a type of jib cranes that could be used for many purposes. These cranes are perfect for tool balancing support, air balancing and can be used as vacuum lifters and welding equipment.

All these cranes are used by industries according to their lifting capacity, rotation and their need in an industry. The type of jib cranes can be chosen as per the equipment’s to be lifted and the area where they are going to be installed.

The jib crane’s wide range of applications is the major reason they are used in many small and big industries.

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