Office catering

How to Organize Office Catering in A Smart Way?

The office is the place of all your enthusiasms and hardships, where many ideas flow from mind to mind and finally get to the destination. What makes it more eventful is that not just work but other important matters are also concerned with it. Meetings, seminars, corporate lunches, product launch parties, welcoming and farewell parties etc. are all of those situations when you and your colleagues are going to face guests and vital personalities. The decorations must be made tip top but what matters most is the office catering that will be the ultimate location of every visitor. 

Plan it for Best Results

Planning is the most necessary part in anything. To grab best results from any office event, there are several matters to be planned beforehand:

Office catering
Office catering
    • Advanced planning: This is going to solve many issues that can arise before you for planning an unorganized and short-term catering for the office event. This way you can list all those guests and their specific diet routines before, for example at least one week before the actual date.
    • Detailed planning: Any responsible office catering service will engage in this whole matter with everything essential to monitor it like napkins, plates, cutlery etc. It is wise to involve personally and double check the price included for those extra services. Are they serving the menus you have ordered, are guests having everything they require, is every dish garnished the way you have wanted it to be? There are many such details that you should keep an eye for. 
    • Logical planning: Logical planning will be when you can actually use all space available to you at its best. Tables, chairs, open space for gathering, drinking spots or bar arrangements etc. are areas that you need to maintain in a manner that it will feel not too crowded.
    • Informative planning: From the beginning, it is the caterers who will monitor the whole event with their service. It is wise to inform them about every small detail of the guests they are going to handle. They should know how much classy they should behave or how down to earth their behaviour will be to impress your important guests.

Menus for The Office Catering

The next important part is menus for the event: 

    • Gourmet sandwiches: This is an extremely popular choice among professionals. The whole idea of a mystery filling treat upon a table nearby is going to be the easiest way to soothe your guest’s taste buds.
    • Light salad: Light salad is a must when you are planning an office catering. The healthier options are most popular among women.
    • Banquet style: Banquet style lunches are perfect for big events like product launch parties. Some fashionable dishes like garlic and lemon grilled chicken, steamed broccoli, roasted fingerlings, warm mushroom salad, garnishing done with baby spinach, basil, pine nuts, parsley etc are going to win double score in this matter.
    • Afternoon snacks with tea or coffee: Last but definitely not the least is the afternoon snacks and tea serves. This option is there to properly close this entire event. There are various selections of loose leaf teas, fair trade teas or if your guests are willing then serving organic coffee is also very pleasing. Tea or coffee should go with handmade cookies and cakes or even muffins.
Office catering
Office catering

Models Based Choices

The choices vary from person to person on foods. Searching for office catering services that can help you grab best out of any menu is tricky. If it is office lunch then letting the colleagues choose their food is best. But there are instances when office mangers get to select food from caterers. Customized orders are preferable for people having dietary issues. The more versatile they are the more approachable they get for any office events. 

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