Timber Flooring

Tips to Prevent Timber Flooring from Fading

You might have invested a lot of money on the timber floors. However, if you fail to take proper care of your home floors then they might fade over time. There are various factors that are responsible for this and sunlight is one of them that plays a direct role. However, the difference in humidity also plays a significant part and when the floor is wet wood it will react differently to the radiation of the sun. Here are some tips that will help in minimizing the fading of timber flooring.

#1. Keep Shade Wherever You can 

timber - flooring
Timber – Flooring

There are certain places inside the home that is more exposed to sunlight. The timber floor in these areas will surely fade. You can install a shade or a curtain in these areas to prevention from the UV rays of the sun. Plants, furniture, and other items can also be used in the area that is exposed to sunlight to provide a shade.

#2. Change the Setting 

This might not sound like an easy task but it helps in maintaining the shine and color of the timber floor. If you move your rugs, furniture, and various items in the house from time to time, you will be able to maintain the attractive luster of the wood. However, if you don’t move the furniture, rug, or other items you will notice some portions of the floor have faded. 

#3. Regularly Refinish the Floors 

The sun rays damage the timber flooring which is a severe problem. So, to maintain the floors, you should refinish the floor from time to time.

 #4. Redesign the Lighting Scheme of the Room 

Since sunlight is not good for preserving your investment, you can consider getting UV shields for the windows to shade the affected area and the window. You can also use skylights for flooding the area with natural light but never keep your timber floors unprotected.

#5. Protect the Parts that Are Walked on

The usual scratches and wear and tear can cause the timber floor to fade so you should always keep moving the rugs, as mentioned above which helps in protecting the shine of the wood.

#6. Clean with Vacuum

Timber Flooring 
Clean Timber Flooring

It is better to vacuum the floor than sweeping it since it allows the dust and dirt to be pulled in between the boards. Nonetheless, never attach the vacuum with vacuum beater but with bare floor attachment as it can damage the wood.

If you have to retain the shine of timber flooring, you will need to clean it properly. Here are few tips to clean a timber floor.

  • Make sure that you clean the floors with a well-wrung mop and a PH neutral cleaner to remove the stubborn dirt.
  • Avoid cleaning the floors with the household detergents, steel wool pads, wax, or polishes because these products are pretty abrasive and can damage the surface. Some of them can even make the floor slippery.
  • Make sure that you use only lint-free mops. Wash the new mops thoroughly to remove the lint.
  • Wipe up the leaks and spills immediately with the help of a paper towel or dry cloth.
  • Over-wetting the floor while cleaning or mopping can bring a change in the moisture balance. This can result in cupping so avoid keeping the floors wet.
  • It is good to check the timber floor annually to ensure that it is in a proper condition. Inspect the floors to replace protruding nails and loose boards. So, that your home looks beautiful and aesthetic.

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