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There are multiple amenities and utilities which can be termed as ‘essentials’ for your home. These can make your stay comfortable and convenient. One of this is the usage of ‘gas’. This makes cooking faster and easier. Though it is considered a little dicey due to the different dangers associated with it, but you find these in almost every home these days. To ensure safety when using LPG or Natural Gas you need to make sure that the gas fittings are of a high standard and quality.

The Potential Danger connected to Gas

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The gas used in a home can be propane, LPG or natural, just the very fact that this is combustible speaks of danger. As we are aware that a small click is able to generate a spark, so you can imagine what a leak can do. To ensure safety, you need to make sure that the gas fittings are of a good quality. It is advisable to get professional help for these services and not venture into doing it on your own. Besides, you need to make sure that the gas fittings in your home are inspected and checked on a regular basis by professionals. This can help in keeping you relaxed and tension free. It is advisable not to wait till you find a leak, make it a routine.

Some Safety Tips with Gas Fittings

Rubber Tubing

Make sure that the rubber tubing used is of an approved quality, with ISI mark. It is advisable to keep this short with the maximum length being 1.5 meters. It is necessary to make sure this is away from fire and heat but at the same time be easily accessed for the routine inspections. You also need to make sure this is not twisted or looped or can get heated by the burner. The cleaning needs to be done with a wet cloth, without using any soap. A regular check of this can help you determine if there are any holes, cracks, porosity or if it has become soft. Make sure this rubber tubing is not covered with any other material and is replaced at least every two years, if not earlier. 

Pressure Regulator

Connected to the outlet of the valve in the cylinder, this regulates the pressure of the gas which comes out of the cylinder. In case you smell gas, make sure you do not operate any electrical devices, or make the mistake of lighting a match stick, and you also need to make sure that the knobs of the gas stove are in the ‘off’ position. You need to switch off the pressure regulator and open all the windows and doors and contact the distributor immediately. It requires experience to detach the knob and disconnect it from the cylinder.

Benefits of hiring Professionals

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  • EXPERIENCE: Since this tends to work out a risky venture it is advisable to contact experienced professionals for any sort of gas fittings. Besides being able to inspect the fittings, these professionals can install them rightly.
  • REPAIRS: They have the required tools to do their job so that it is safe for the people using this on an everyday basis. You also get to know if any fittings need to be replaced or repaired. This might not be possible if you intend handling the gas fittings on your own.
  • CLEARING DOUBTS: Any doubts can be cleared with the help of these professionals. You can maximize the value of their fee by asking questions.
  • GUARANTEED WORK: There are multiple gas fitting services which offer some sort of guarantee for their work. It is advisable to opt for these. You can either ask around or search online as you have many gas fitting services listed here. 
  • EMERGENCY: This may be the most important advantage as the initial engagement with the gas fitting service provider would have served the purpose for which they are called.

From the above discussions, it is clear that it is a wise idea to get professional service of a reputable company specializing in gas fitting solutions rather than doing it of our own.




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