Pick Out Best School Badges From Its Different Categories

School badges are special symbols or signs that are given to indicate the prestige or enrollment. They are meant for depicting a distinctive token of membership in a specific school, university or organization for students. They generally carry name or emblem of the school. They can also be categorized into event badges, sports badges, etc.

school badges
school badges

School badges can be made of different materials like metals, plastics, leather, enamel, etc. Plastic badges are most economical when compared to metal and enamel badges. The material used plays an important role while it comes to the durability of the badge.

Uses of School Badge

School badges are basically used for the identification of students who belong to a particular school or university. They wear badges on their outfit to represent their school. We can also customize school badges for students with extraordinary performance, like 100% attendance, school toppers, for excellent performance in extracurricular activities. These badges always keep students motivated and boost their confidence and interest.

Different Types of School Badges

name badges melbourne
name badges melbourne
  1. Button Badges: They are usually circular or elliptical shape badges; they are very economical. Thy are generally given to students when they are participating in an event or conferences etc.
  1. Bar Badges: They are meant for leaders or captains. They can be made of plastic, metals or enamels.
  1. Shield Badges: These type of school badges handy sized and given to the students who perform extraordinarily, either in academic activities or in extracurricular activities.
  1. Enamel Badges: These badges can be available in different sizes, fun designs, dimensions, etc.

Steps to Create a Perfect School Badge

There are many ways for manufacturing a school badge. The procedure depends on the material used for badges. Here are the steps for making metallic school badges:

custom badges melbourne
custom badges melbourne
  • Tooling: The first step for creating a badge is tooling production. The metal is shaped and turned into the required size of the badge.
  • Pressing: In this step, the design of the badge is pressed against the tooled metal. This requires a very high pressure of about 250 tons.
  • Clipping: Clipping is the process of cleaning extra metals and cutting the metal/badge to its final size and shape.
  • Soldering: In this process, a alloy is placed on the back side of the badge, and it is used to hold the badge on the outfit.
  • Polishing: We can either polish the badges by hand or using barrel polish. Either ways are effective.
  • Plating: We can use either silver or golden plating. Once the badges are clean, plating can be done using different plating methods.
  • Enameling: This can be done by hand. There are artists available for enameling, who take care of accurate enameling. Most of the schools now a day’s use enamel badges.
  • Inspection: In this step, badges are checked for any damages or defects or printing errors.
  • Packaging: Once the badges clear inspection stage, they are packed conforming to the needs of clients/customers.
  • Dispatch: Finally, they are dispatched or shipped to the specified customer location and they are ready for use.

Things to Remember While Ordering Customized Badges

It is very important to always take care of the coveted wordings or symbols you want on badges, while ordering for customized school badges. Manufacturing department will reproduce the text exactly as given. So, it is necessary to cross-check each and every letter. Badges might have school emblem, lowercase or upper case letters, etc. Always make sure the material used for creating badges is of the highly quality. Search well before you decide on school badges. Since school badges are used on daily basis, durability plays an important role here. You can always ask manufacturer for sample batch of badges and this will make sure of the quality and material of the badge.

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