How To Structural Steel Beams Are Made And Are They Cost-Effective Or Not?

Structural steel can be defined as a category of steel that is basically used as a construction material. It is fund in different shapes and therefore is convenient to use for construction purposes. The shape of this steel is a profile that is formed specifically with cross section. The formation also depends upon particular standards that are used for chemical composition. Structured steel is used in different large and small scale industries, and it is important to get the best steel features along with the prices so that you can get good and durable beams for a lesser price.

Making of structural steel

structural steel beams
structural steel beams
  • In the recent times two processes are used to make structural steel. One is hot-rolled shapes that include sections of wide flange. The channels and angles that are utilized on the manufacture are produced in the steel mills. They use electric arc furnaces for the production.
  • The other sections of steel like the hollow steel are manufactured from rolls of sheet. Plate steel is another type that is made either on oxygen furnace or EAF.
  • The basic material in the process of making structural steel is the steel scrap. This is collected from the old appliances, or any material waste that is recycled in large furnaces.
  • The impurities are skimmed from the liquid steel and then the manufacturers introduce additives in order to give it a metallurgical balance. This liquid steel is further castes into a blank of the beams.

Reheating and cooling of beams produces structured steel:

structural steel beams
structural steel beams

These blanks of beam are then cooled and further reheated. Then the manufacturers pass them into a series of rollers that gives the beam a particular geometrical shape.

  • Once they take a definite shape, the beams are straightened and then cut into a standard length that is further cooled and prepared for shipping. This is the recycled content of structural steel that is produced by using EAF process.
  • The BOF process that is used to produce structural steel is a bit traditional. They use iron ore and coke where the iron ore is melted. It turns into coke which is called as the processed form of coal.
  • The molten iron that is transferred into a ladle is treated chemically. It is then processed by introducing it with the scrap of steel.
  • The entire mix is heated in the BOF, then cooled and poured into a ladle for rolling it into a sheet. This traditional method also uses recycled content.

Are the structural beams cost-effective?

structural beams
structural beams
  • The big manufacturers of steel are pioneers in the production of heavy and medium rolled parallel beams. They have reduced the costs as the consumption of steel is very less but in addition provide flexibility in design.
  • The technological advancement has led to technical innovation in producing beams. They are unparalleled in the production of beams in respect to quality, cost and performance.
  • These structural beams have a nominal depth that is manufactured through rolling method that is accepted universally. Thus, structural steel beams keep your structure’s heaviness.
  • The customers are at an advantage as they can choose from a variety of options in terms of weight of the sections and its properties. They have been accepted globally and have met the international standards.

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