Construct A Classy Look With Natural Stone Benchtops In Your Kitchen

Looking to renovate your home? Treat your home kitchen with marble benchtops that will stand the test of time and still come out strong. Marble is a material which is respected the most in the home décor market. The metamorphic natural stone, prepared from limestone, is softened by pressure and heat before the re-crystallization process. Marble is beautiful, appealing and subtle material. When sealed, marble is easy to maintain. It is durable in nature and comes in a variety of finishes like honed, gloss, etc. When compared to granite and other stones, marble is a preferred choice since it creates more spectacular looks.

7 reasons for choosing marble over other natural stones:

marble benchtops melbourne
marble benchtops melbourne
  • Marble benchtops are valued more due to the immense strength and beauty. It is fire and weather resistant. Most of the beautiful architectural pieces in the past have been created using only marble.
  • When you use marble for benchtops, it is sure to make the interior more expressive. Having a unique individuality of its own, marble benchtops add to the ambiance.
  • Marble is the most popular material for making counters and benches. One can create real works of art using marble material. Those looking to introduce a touch of class, elegance to the bathroom, kitchen, can opt for the marble material. It can really transform the look of the space.
  • By using the marble benchtop, you can avoid spending too much of money on interior decoration. A marble benchtop in the kitchen is enough to add to the glamour and appeal while brightening up space and making it chic.
  • If the marble is designed, cut and installed properly to prepare the benchtop, the space in the home can become the center of attraction.
marble benchtop
marble benchtop
  • A marble benchtop can withstand harsh weather condition for long periods and remain new for decades.
  • A marble benchtop is far easier to clean and maintain. It is also available in a variety of shades and therefore you get a chance to make the interior aesthetically appealing.

How to choose the perfect company for buying marble benchtops?

A company having 30-40 years of experience in stone cutting, fabrication and installation must be chosen. Check out the previous works of the company before placing an order.

Tips on caring and maintaining the marble benchtops!

It is true that marble is beautiful and durable. But you need to follow certain tips in order to make them appear new for years. While choosing marble bench tops select only the hone finish bench top as it is a practical solution. Following maintenance tips must be adhered to:

  • Since marble can expand or contract when hot or cold, avoid placing very hot or cold items over the stone. The bench top may get cracked.
  • Marble reacts to acids easily and so you need to use marble bench top in the kitchen carefully. Tomato juice, vinegar must not spill on the surface and so always use cutting board to protect marble bench tops.
marble benchtops
marble benchtops
  • Avoid spilling hard drinks on marble surfaces and use only natural cleaning solutions to clean the surface. Cleaning solutions like Handy Andy and Jif will only take away the polish and shine of the marble.
  • Do not leave aerosol cans or wet soaps on the bench tops. This can cause staining while sabotaging the appeal.

Marble bench tops, if installed and maintained properly, can appear new for decades. Use only salt and lemon juice to clean the surface. Water and soda can also be used for cleaning. Get professional help in case you are not sure about cleaning the marble top.

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