What Are The 7 Different Products That Are Used By A Skilled Physio?

Physiotherapy is a branch of medical science which is useful to all sorts of people – some more than others. However, for physio therapy to be effective there are certain equipment  which are required. This consists of exercises but in order to exercise, equipment, gauges and evaluation systems are need.

physiotherapy brunswick
physiotherapy brunswick

The different equipment’s which are needed for physio therapy and their use is explained below:

  • Hydrotherapy is used in physiotherapy to relax the muscles, decrease pain due to the support the muscles and limbs received due to the decrease gravity in water as a result of the buoyancy as well as the warmth of the water. Hydrotherapy also helps with increasing muscle strength as well as endurance of the muscles due to the resistance they face in water. The hydrostatic pressure is used to counteract swellings. Hydrotherapy also helps with increase of balance as well as stabilization. The equipment used are hydrotherapy tanks of different shapes – either a T shape, figure of 8 shaped or even rectangular shape. In addition, there are whirlpool baths and either high or low chairs which are used in the whirlpool baths.
  • Electro therapy is used in physiotherapy for arthritis, low back pain, labor pain as well as nerve related pains. For this small electrical devices deliver electrical impulses across the skin of the patient. This gives low intensity electric charge to the affected area. High frequency settings are used to send the brain signals which block the other nerve signals – the one that send pain messages. However, the pain relief doesn’t last long. The low frequency settings are uncomfortable but the pain relief lasts longer. The equipments which are used are shortwave medical diathermy, stimulators of muscles, ultrasound therapy units as well as transcutaneous nerve stimulators. Its better you should Know the importance of physio in health issues.
physiotherapy essendon
physiotherapy essendon
  • Heat and cold therapy is used for muscle pain as well as joint pain. Heat therapy is used when the pain is chronic or it keeps recurring, if the joints are stiff or if there is muscle pain. It helps in increasing the oxygen and blood flow to the area and thereby relaxing the muscles, tendons as well as ligaments. In that manner, pain is alleviated and spasms are decreased. Cold therapy is used for recent injuries, to reduce swelling and inflammation by reducing the blood flow to that area. It is used when areas are bruised or swollen and that way it helps in slowing down circulation and decreasing pain and muscle spasms. For hot and cold therapy, the equipment required are paraffin wax baths, physio wax, moist heat therapy units, hot packs, steam, arm contrast baths, cold therapy units and infrared lamps.
  • In addition to this, physiotherapy equipments consist of massage tables and couches to examine the patients, mat platforms, tilt tables and activity mattresses.
  • In addition to this there are exercise chairs and exercising units as well as exercisers which are specifically designed for certain body parts like the shoulder wheel, shoulder cum elbow cycle, shoulder pulleys, arm exercisers, rowing machines with sliding seats, wall bars, hand exercise tables, hand gym kit boards, wrist machines, wrist roll, Ball sets, grip exercisers, weight cuffs, dumbbells, hand skates roller, cycle exerciser, ped – o – cycle, leg exercisers, quadriceps boot, heel exerciser, parallel walking bar, exercise staircase, traction systems for the spine, cervical or and lumbar region.
physio ascot vale
physio ascot vale
  • There is other occupational therapy equipment available like floor sitter, stand in frame, wedge and bean bag.
  • To evaluate there are steadiness tester hole type, linear motion steadiness test apparatus, tremor quantifiers, hand dynamometer, finger goniometer, color matching plate box sets, body parts puzzle kit, sound discrimination set, mental gym which is computerized, finger dexterity test and so many more.

Therefore, if you want, then you can buy the physical therapy equipment from the online portals, at a discounted price.

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