Advantages, Benefits & Features Of Stainless Steel Medical Trolleys

The hospital, medical and healthcare industry has widespread use of Stainless Steel Medical Trolleys.  These trolleys come in different types. They either just have two or more shelves; else they are also fitted with a stainless steel waste bin. Some are fitted with a single door cabinet or even a double door cabinet. The reason why these trolleys made of stainless steel are used widely is due to a variety of factors:

medical cart - anaesthetic trolley
medical cart – anaesthetic trolley

Longevity: If medical trolleys are made of stainless steel, then they last for a very long time. These trolleys are very strong and they do not rust unlike trolleys made of iron which tend to rust. If these trolleys are made of wood, in case they are subject to spills, water and liquid which are dropped regularly on it, there are chances of it rotting and not lasting very long.

Sterility: When the stainless steel trolleys are made, they are finished with an electro polishing. This not only increases the shine as well as brightness, but it increases the sterility quotient of the trolley. The wooden trolleys on the other hand are a good breeding ground for bugs, insects and other creatures, thereby compromising the cleanliness and sterility of the trolley. In case of spillages these tend to attract fungi, mold and rot as well.

Different styles: These stainless steel trolleys are made in different styles, different sizes as well as different shapes. These based on the requirement given by the hospital, medical or healthcare unit can have two or more shelves. These shelves are fitted onto frames which are extremely strong. The trolleys have either two or four wheels and these wheels are either the swiveling kind or else there are castors fitted at the end of the legs. Some of these trolleys are also fitted with brakes for extra safety as well as security. If the hospital has a unique requirement, even that can be accommodated.

Stainless Steel Medical Trolleys
Stainless Steel Medical Trolleys

The advantages of using these trolleys are:

  • Easy to assemble and store: These trolleys are easy to assemble and also the packing for these trolleys are flat and the assembling does not require professionals. Even first timers can do it easily and swiftly. These trolleys can also be foldable and that decreases the space for storage of the trolley. So, it’s better to go with the preeminent store for Stainless Steel Medical Trolleys.
  • Hygiene: The trolleys provide a hygienic and sterilized environment. These also do not require a lot of maintenance like the wooden ones do in order to keep them bug, microbe and insect free.
  • Customization: Incase the trolley needs to be completely welded, that too can be done and supplied to the medical facility. If the hospital has a unique requirement or needs trolleys matching certain dimensions or criteria, even that can be done with ease.
surgical trolley stainless steel
surgical trolley stainless steel

Before one goes ahead and chooses a medical trolley there are a few considerations they need to keep in mind:

  • Is it foldable and portable? If so, the medical trolley should have considerable ease of use and should be extremely convenient when one needs to carry it. Foldable trolleys also take up less storage space.
  • The brakes and the castors should be checked well else moving these trolleys will not be easy.
  • The longevity as well as durability depends on the metal sheet which is used. Therefore, one which is of poor quality will not last that long and this need to be checked before purchasing one.
  • The locking system should be checked so that in times of emergencies it should not let one down because that will not be good for the reputation of the hospital.

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