Most Promising Use Of Convex Mirror In Daily Lives

Also defined as a fish eye mirror, a convex or diverging mirror helps in reflective surface bulges, especially towards the light source. These mirrors are used to reflect the light towards the outward region, and not used as focused lights. These items are used to form a significant virtual image, as the curvature center, and focal point remains as imaginary points and unreachable. Therefore, images are not being able to be projected on a screen, as it remains inside the mirror. The image remains smaller than an object, but always seems larger while approaching the mirror.  There is a collimated or parallel beam of light, which diverges after reflecting from the mirror.

Basic uses of the mirror

convex mirror
convex mirror
  • Most of the passenger side mirror on any vehicle, especially car, is the convex mirror. In some parts of the country, such mirrors come with precaution message, to warn drivers of the distorting effects of it. These mirrors are preferred in vehicles, as they provide a diminished and upright image.
  • Moreover, these mirrors provide a wider view, when they are curved in an outward direction. These mirrors are found in hallways of different buildings, like schools, hospitals, hotels, apartment buildings and stores.
  • These products are useful for people accessing hallways, where visibility is limited. Sometimes, the mirrors are placed on driveways, roads, and alleys for offering safety notes for motorists, where visibility lacks, especially in turns and curves.

How are these mirrors used in computer monitors and ATM machines?

Apart from the points already discussed, these mirrors are used in some other areas, as well. Listed below, are some of the additional zones, where such fish eye mirrors are used:

Convex Mirrors
Convex Mirrors
  • During most of the time, these mirrors are used in automated teller machines, as a handy and simple security feature.
  • Same such devices are now sold to be associated with the ordinary types of computer monitors. These mirrors will cover a larger surveillance area, but make everything seems so small.
  • The round form of fish eye mirrors was considered as a mark of luxurious lifestyle, which started from 15th century.
  • Other than that, in regular use, such mirrors are used in sunglasses. It is used to reflect the sun rays away from your eyes and provide you with a cooling sensation.

Use in daily lives

The use of a convex mirror is not just restricted to buildings or sunglasses but is used in daily lives, as well. The products are extremely hardy and are mainly termed as one-time investment plan.

  • In the magnifying glass, these mirrors are used in two and in a back to back order.
  • Sometimes, this same kind of product is used for security purposes, as in ATM. It helps to keep the ATM safety, in check.
  • The same fish eye mirrors are also used as some important street light reflectors, as the mirrors hold the capability to spread light over a bigger area.
  • They are even used as a special inspection device, where it is hard to reach. Here, the mirrors are mounted on a proper rod and extended with lights under the object to be viewed. Some common examples are clocks, car repair or appliances.
convex mirror
convex mirror

Convex mirror used in making telescopes and forklifts:

Starting from usage in the telescope to ceiling dome mirrors, the uses of fish eye mirror are limitless. Due to its larger area covering capabilities, these mirrors have now gained worldwide popularity. Not just in common daily lives, but these mirrors are now used as the best safety product for preventing road accidents. The stands of these mirrors are mainly constructed using poly carbonate or metals, with varying curvature degree.

These products are also used on forklifts, with the main aim of avoiding collision situations in warehouse environments. There are multiple usages for installing convex mirrors in your zone. For placing the mirrors in outdoor areas, the products are made using materials, which can withstand harsh weather condition outside.

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