Stonemasons – Evergreen Art Of Beautiful Crafting By Skilled People

Right from building the finest pieces of historical architecture to the lavish monuments, the work of stonemasons has been known since time immemorial. The modern stonemasons work with granite, marbles and other colorful stones, to carve out great garden landscaping, hearth, home and other decorative structures for domestic and commercial purposes.

stonemasons melbourne
stonemasons melbourne
  • Slowly with the development, construction techniques have been changes with the time along with the material used for construction. Stonemasons are the skilled people who are expertise in constructing these types of monuments and constructions.
  • Stonemasons are responsible for the complete constructions starting from the arrangement of stones, smoothing of stones (as per requirement), preparing the mortar mixture, maintenance of leveled construction and many more.

The stonemason is a wizard with stones: functions of the modern stonemason

The actual duties of stonemason start from crafting the stones. It is the responsibility of him to craft the shape and size of the stone according to the type of construction by using hammers. If you hire a stonemason who is supposed to work with brick, concrete and mortar, then you must take an estimate about how the stonemason is going to mix these materials to make a fabulous building structure. They work with varieties of sandstone, limestone and local stones to give a creative touch to your home or garden. For instance, you can hire a stonemason to create a stone fountain in the midst of your garden. It is the crucial responsibility of stonemason to shape out the construction. So he should be expertise in connecting the rocks effectively to craft the monument in a perfect way.


Using the perfect blend of mortar or concrete mixture:

While connecting the rocks using mortar like cement or concrete mixture, it is obvious that the excess mixture may get spread on walls of stone. So it is duty of stonemasons to clean the surface immediately with wet sponge or brush to avoid formation of uneven surfaces. Stonemasons are responsible for crafting the design of stonemasonry using straight edges and rulers. Moreover, stonemasons are equally adept at working with the trowel and how to handle different construction tools to make pavements and roadways. They are also hired to install stone slabs in the homes or in the yard. If you have a terrace farm, then also you can hire reliable stonemasons to carry on some marble constructions there. It is duty of stonemason to repair the damaged areas of stonemasonry constructions like removing defective concrete materials and other mixtures using hammers, chisels etc.

Now-a-days, stonemasonry constructions are the rare type coming into glance. But even today, this old crafting technique is seen in many constructions, in particular where long life is mandatory. This type of crafting technique is seen in factories where chimneys, boilers, smoke stakes and kilns are common. In order to construct these, stonemasons are necessary.

Stonemasons are different from brick workers:

Many will think that stonemasons are similar to the brick workers. But compared to other employees of construction field, stonemasons are the hard working people.

  • Stonemasonry is the artwork, which also includes statue work. A professional stonemason can also mold a stone into beautiful statue.
  • Stonemasons have the pay scale ranging from 24000 to 36000 dollars per year. They will work 4-6 hours per day.
  • These are responsible from carrying the stones towards the site to arranging or aligning them according to the construction plan and guidelines provided by builder. Stonemasonry is the most preferable type of construction even today in some countries subjected by natural disasters frequently. This type of construction is very strong in nature and is highly resistant towards all types of weather conditions.

All these positive things made the stonemasonry alive till today even though many years have passed away since from its existence. Stonemasons will have work till the stonemasonry art persists. So, go with the expert person who can create a fabulous stonemason monument for the people that you love.

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