Beautify Your Kitchen’s Look With Reconstituted Stone

Are you thinking to renovate your kitchen? If your answer is yes, then lots of options are waiting for you to explore them. You will find multiple materials available in the market these days and choosing one among the many might get cumbersome unless you are aware of the qualities of all of them. Here, we will talk about reconstituted stone to be used for bench tops. You do have options of choosing the ones which are less expensive but might not be durable and long lasting, or the ones where you need to spend a lil bit more but are assured of the longevity. This reconstituted stone is a composite material which is made of stone which is crushed and bound by an adhesive like resin, polymer and at times even a mix of cement. These products are generally made of quartz and marble. Quartz reconstituted stone seems to work well for kitchen bench tops.

reconstituted stone
reconstituted stone

Reasons for choosing reconstituted stones as kitchen bench tops

  1. Using reconstituted stone for kitchen bench tops can give your kitchen a trendy and decorative look, making it more appealing.
  2. Reconstituted stones offer you multiple options which makes it easier to get the one which is most suitable according to your requirement.
  3. You will find reconstituted stones in a wide range of prices which again gives you the flexibility to find the one which fits your budget.
  4. This stone, since made of crushed stones is able to retain the properties of natural marble or granite. Besides this, the added aggregates are able to increase the durability, strength along with the beauty.
  5. The reconstituted stone works out to be an ideal option due to its endurance to scratches and stains.
  6. The different colors available in these reconstituted stones give you an option of giving your kitchen the desired look.
  7. As these reconstituted stones are non-porous in nature and also heat resistant, so they are free from acid attacks, stains or even chemical reactions.
  8. Cleanliness and maintenance of these stones are much easier as compared to other stones.
  9. Reconstituted stone does not require any sealing.
  10. These stones are cheaper as compared to other natural stones.
  11. As these reconstituted stones are man-made you can be assured that they will be good to use as kitchen benchtops which tend to get wet.
caesarstone benchtops melbourne
caesarstone benchtops melbourne

Choosing reconstituted stone for bench tops

Before you think of the reconstituted stone for your bench tops, you need to consider how much you are willing to spend on this as there are many options as far as prices are concerned. Besides this, consider how much maintenance is required and what style are you looking for. The price of the stone should be considered after including the installation charges. This can be found out from the manufacturer. You also need to make sure that the kitchen cabinets are able to take the weight of the stone and this does not buckle down due to pressure. The style needs to be considered along with the texture and color, so that it can blend well with your kitchen and does not look out of place. Find out how to maintain the reconstituted stone you have opted for, as this can save you from lots of uncalled hassles.

Shopping for Reconstituted stone bench tops

reconstituted stones
reconstituted stones

As there are multiple manufacturers of these reconstituted stones, so you need to take a little effort and make sure the manufacturer is able to understand your requirements and provide you the best possible option within your budget. You can look around in different stores or even check online, before you decide on any specific one. Giving this shopping a little time can ensure that you find the reconstituted stone of your choice with the right texture, color and finish as required.

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