Use Container Site Sheds While You Relocating From One Place To Another

The empty Shipping Containers on the seaport can be used as Container Site Sheds for the purpose of sale or rent for secure, mobile site offices on worksites, mining sites, sites for construction, and agricultural properties. These versatile, secure and strong site sheds are commonly used as offices in construction and building sites. They are sold or rented with complete site shed accessories including the air-conditioning accessory, lockable storeroom, side personnel door secured by a heavy-duty lock, ventilating windows with high-security shutters, insulated roof, power, phone, and data.

How are shipping containers constructed for ease of travel?


Shipping containers are mostly constructed with four strong corner posts fixed with castings on ceiling and foundation. These are connected by columns of high strength steel through side panels connecting roof and wall in the front. They have two doors made up of pressing steel at one end, which have four bars that are contoured with highly watertight seals of rubber.

Importance of Containers used as Site Sheds are as follows:

  • They are easily transportable and relocatable. Good quality container site sheds are water-proof and vermin-proof which are available in many layouts.
  • They are easily expandable by add adding extra containers and are modular, stackable.
  • They are fully secure and can be customized as per customer requirements.
  • These are provided with optional site office accessories.
  • These are available in three main sizes-10 feet, 20 feet, and 40 feet.

There are many accessories in Container Site Sheds and some of them are listed below:



  • Lighting and electricity fittings.
  • Air Conditioner fitted
  • Access to Side doors
  • Provision of Windows and shutters
  • Provision of Variety of doors
  • Heavy Duty Site Offices – Built to Last
  • Phone and data connections.
  • Personnel door access.
  • Office furniture is available.

Container Site Sheds are helpful in making customized site offices and houses:

A good site office ensures a well-run operation, which can be customized to the specific needs of the business that will enhance the productivity and efficiency of the business. In case of work from home options for any business, these container site offices ensure freedom from distraction by kids and pets. The shipping container site office can be used as back yard property.

Advantages of using Containers as Site sheds:

  • Shipping containers offer to make versatile, secure, strong and ideal places for offices that can be easily shifted to the required site. They help maintain the budget and expenditure.
  • Sites of shipping containers allow large space for an office for furniture, as they are available in six-meter and 12-meter lengths. Piling many containers can increase the space. Many containers can be placed adjacent to each other as a solution. When you relocate, you can store small, fragile and heavy items, and when you have storage sheds you do not need to rent an alternative apartment.
  • In the case of limited space, stacking containers on each other increases the total number of rooms without using valuable space on the ground. They are strong and durable, as they are made from strong, rust-resistant Corten steel and safe from bad weather conditions. Moreover, they are completely lockable and intrusion-proof.
  • They can be easily altered to include doors, space for windows, fitting air conditioner, insulating the rooms, storing and compartmentalizing the shelves, kitchenettes, toilets, washbasins, and bathing areas.

The concrete slabs, concrete footings or wooden footings, that make the base on which the container is placed, should safe, stable and properly planned. They are used for accommodation or toilet areas, meetings, training rooms, and dining rooms. So, go for the top Container Site sheds that help you in storing your valuable things.

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