How To Identify Glass Engraving And Its Usages?

Glass engraving is form of decorative work that involves engraving the surface of the glass. Glass is usually made of light. The light is usually trapped between two polished surfaces. By scratching the surface of the glass correctly the light gets released. Glass engraving, etching and glass designs are a popular part of the handicraft industry, and also a part of the school curriculum.

Glass engraving techniques:

glass engraving melbourne
glass engraving melbourne

Glass engraving includes a variety of techniques. The popular three methods that has been in history for ages include

  • Engraving by hand
  • Engraving using machine driven copper wheel
  • Engraving using Electric hand drill.

Each method makes different effects, each being unique with beauty and attraction. There are various pros and cons based on space, material used for the methods etc. that distinguishes each method. Heading with one similarity between them is they are all meant to scratch the surface of the glass.

The Intaglio form of glass engraving:

The most popular engraving form is Intaglio. Through abrasion, the images are cut into the surface of the glass. Since minute works are involved, small abrasive drills and also wheels with lathes are used to engrave glass surfaces.

laser engraving Braybrook
laser engraving Braybrook
  • These wheels are made of copper. Fine mixture of emery powder is also used as an abrasive. Glass in general gives a classy look when it is engraved. Laser engravers use this very popular material for making sophisticated looks.
  • The two main factors that determine the effect of the glass are its quality and composition. They vary greatly and hence become challenging to guess the effect of the glass after engraving.
  • Engraving is usually accomplished by experimenting on a variety of glass types. Also multiple speed and power settings are also experimented to endure the glass material.
  • Another form of glass engraving is Stipple and Dry point. The surface of the glass is rubbed off with use of diamond tipped burrs. This is used to make scratches and small dots.

What is sandblasting method?

Sandblasting is another form of glass engraving. The abrasive is sprayed with the help of sandblasting gun on the glass by using a stencil to make inscriptions. This is the most popular commercial engraving technique. This technique is used to generate crystal and glass awards. When this technique is done properly they give stunning appearance to the glass. The technique allows the cut to be shallow and deep and even three dimensional effects can also be done. The pieces created with this technique are worth thousands of dollars. The challenging factor in the technique is each and every piece requires a stencil.

trophies and engraving
trophies and engraving

Choice of the Glass:

The choice of the glass plays an important role in engraving. Lead crystal undoubtedly gives the best all round results. The lead ratio is directly related to the softness of the glass – the more the lead content ratio the more softly the glass.  The packing of this type of glass requires extra caution as they are extremely soft, the glasses must be packed separate from rubbing against each other Soda glass is apt for beginners of glass engraving. The designs on this glass are extremely attractive and are less cheap than lead crystals. It is always wise t buy the glass in small quantities, until the texture is tested to best suit. If the surface of the glass is too hard then it may soon become apparent.

Apart from this, another form of glass used for engraving is float glass. Modern sheet glasses are made of this type of glass. There are multiple online portals, which can give you options and benefits of glass engraving. So you can search through the online portals to connect to different companies who excel in glass engraving. Go for the professional place where you can easily purchase glass engraving & laser engraving and in your choice.


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