Identify Usefulness Of Traffic Convex Mirror

Traffic mirrors are safety oriented convex mirror that makes navigating intersections dangers and high risk of accident safer and less stressful. In case you have demanding road conditions comprising hills, dangerous curves, fast moving traffic, etc then installing a traffic mirror reduces the chances of accidents and will keep you, other motorists and pedestrians free from injury.

  • One thing that you need to know is that the cost of traffic convex mirror is negligible in comparison to that of the cost of accident.
  • As far as monetary aspect is concerned accidents will prove to be very expensive than the most expensive mirrors.
  • From the safety point of view traffic mirror will save you and someone else’s life. Hence this can offer you immeasurable return on investment.

Reasons why traffic mirror must be convex:

convex mirror

The traffic mirror is the convex mirror that has been made for outdoor use. The convex design of the mirror will offer wide field view in comparison to that of the standard flat mirror. The reason behind this is that convex lens is curved outward rather than the flat design of a standard mirror. With this visibility can be increased. It can also increase your reaction time at the time of dealing with oncoming traffic. The visibility techniques make it easier for you to locate landscaping, huge signboards and also buildings, while you drive.

What kind of features you need to pay attention to for convex mirror?

There are lots of significant features that you need to consider at the time of selecting traffic mirror. The foremost thing on which you need to pay attention on is choosing the proper lens type. The two kinds of these mirrors are acrylic convex lens and unbreakable convex lens.

convex mirror

  • The unbreakable convex lens is designed to retain punishing impacts that would otherwise destroy your basic mirror with an acrylic lens. These are installed where there is vandalism or risk of flying objects from lawn care equipment.
  • A convex mirror that has unbreakable lens will keep you away from constantly replacing damaged traffic mirrors. When the chances of damages are very low then it might not be crucial to spend extra cost on unbreakable mirrors.
  • Another thing that you need to decide on is what kind of backing material is required for your application. There are several kinds of backing material available such as indoor or outdoor backing, ABS plastic backing, steel backing, etc.

What is the backing material behind the convex mirror?

The backing material is mainly the surface behind the mirror lens and the one that binds it to the mounting terminals and hardware. Indoor or outdoor backing is developed of a fiberboard material that comprises of weather resistant coating. Selecting this kind of backing is essential if the mirror will be sheltered from direct exposure to moisture and sunlight.

convex mirror

The ABS plastic backing is long lasting, light in weight and can be utilized outdoors in all and the most tough weather conditions. Steel backing is one of the long lasting one and can be utilized in actually all kind of weather conditions.

How many convex mirrors are required during driving?

In order to know this there are some of the guidelines that you need to follow. In case you need to see in only one direction and the distance from you and the mirror is less than 40’ then mainly one convex mirror is enough. In case the distance is greater than 40’ then you will require multiple mirrors.

In case you require seeing in multiple directions then it is better to have two traffic mirrors rather than just one. In complicated applications with lot of lanes of traffic you need to take assistance from the traffic engineer. So go for the top convex mirrors that is safer for you!


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