Stone Masons- a Craftsman Who Converts a Simple Stone into a Beautiful Structure

Have you ever wondered how a church, historic buildings or a chapel can look so beautiful from the outside? Ever thought about how the geometric designs that are made in buildings and add beauty to the walls and act as decors? Well, that’s the job of a stonemason. Masons are people who build units based on stones, bricks or tiles to create marvelous structures or buildings. They do it with the help of any bonding agent.

Who is a stonemason and what does he do?

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An individual who tries to give geometric shapes to rough stones or rocks based on the specification of a builder is called a stonemason. Using these wonderfully shaped rocks or stones along with cement or any other bonding agent, one can make a structure or a building look even more spectacular; and so a beautiful and evergreen work of art is built. Stonemasonry work requires:

  • Dedication
  • Love for art
  • Precision in work
  • Designing capability

What kind of buildings or structures do stonemasons work on?

The work of stonemasons involves creating lot of beautiful art work. They lay their hands on cathedrals, buildings, monuments, tombstones and even homes. Based on the structure and style of the building, the designs are made exquisitely and are wonderfully crafted. There are different types of stones that they work on:

  • Igneous
  • Sedimentary
  • Metamorphic
  • Artificial stone

Masons work on various types of stones to create various pieces of art that can change the look of any structure.

Tools used by masons in stonemasonry

A stonemason creates magic on stones, but he needs special tools to fulfill his job and make it look stunning. A variety of tools, help a mason to shape stones or rocks into amazing pieces of art that transform a place into a wonder. Few tools that simplify the job of a mason and help him do intricate work are pointed down below:

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  • Chisels
  • Mallet
  • Mixing mortar
  • Masonry trowel
  • Punch hammer
  • Walling hammer
  • Angle grinders
  • Abrasive spinners

In earlier days, stones and sticks were used to carve and create art forms on stones. Thereafter, gradually different types of tools came into picture, making the artwork even more professional and beautiful.

Tips on how to become a stonemason

Are you interested in creating stunning work on different types of stones? If you have plans to etch a career in stonemasonry then it is not hard provided you have the following:

  • Ability to work in a wide variety of stones
  • Have love for stone and art
  • Ability to bear the heat, as a mason’s job is always outside
  • Basic designing skills
  • Perfect hand-eye coordination to create beautiful pieces

Steps to build your own stonewall outside your house

If you have a fad to build your own stonewall near your garden, then follow the steps below for a self-made stonewall. It is not difficult provided you have followed the below mentioned steps.

Step 1: Pick the best place where you want stonewall to be

Step 2:  Choose the best stones that can nest on top of each other

Step 3: Lay and pour the needed footing and after it cures plan to set the stones

Step 4: Spread mortar and set the stones on it

Step 5: Cover the remaining spaces with smaller stones if needed

Step 6: Gradually build a wall by measuring and choosing the right stones

Step 7: Remove excess mortar and let it dry to a beautiful piece of art

Stonemasonry is a job that needs dedication and interest, which can convert simple stones to magnificent creations. It involves usage of tools and an artistic mind. Please come with us to see wide array of monuments that suits your choice’s stonemasons.

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