How to select the best quality mirror from reputed mirror shops ?

Mirrors are surely our best friends. It tells the truth about you right in your face. Especially for a girl, life without mirror is equivalent to life without water. Yes, that is right. All the makeup and dress up she does and if she cannot see herself would be the worst torture that one can ever get. Well, do not worry because we are not going to tell you anything like ‘there is no mirror’ or it is getting banned. We will in fact tell you facts about this wonder invention so that you can admire yourself even more than ever.

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The perfect mirror

Mirrors also have a lot of types in it. You will find that some make you look fat while some make you look taller. There are some that make you look funny as well. All these mirrors are fun mirrors, and we cannot think about not using a mirror. One mirror that we need to be perfect in all aspects is the one that we keep in our room. A view in the full length mirror before going out in the hottest party of the season is just going to boost up your confidence by hundred percent. To bring out your best reflection, it is important to have a best mirror.

Choosing the right mirror

Choosing the wrong mirror becomes easy because no one thinks about the factors that we should look out while going to visit the mirror shops in the town. Even if mirrors do the same work, they do not look alike and are neither alike in their performance. There are a few factors which if you look for in the mirrors that you go for shopping; you will find that it portrays you in a better way. Here are a few factors that determine the quality of a mirror that we all should know. Hence, you should look for these factors when you choose a mirror to make your room and your looks complete all the times.

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  • A good quality mirror has got high silver content in it. Hence, whenever you see a low content of silver in the mirror, be sure that nothing else can make up for it.
  • The mirror should have protective paint on the back of the mirror and it should be in a number of coats. The thick coat of paint helps in keeping the air from the silver which helps in the tarnishing of the silver degrading the quality of mirror.
  • Only one exclusive glass source should be used. Some manufacturers use various sources for the glass which you will not find unless you notice it very closely or you put two different pieces together. There are differences in the shade of the mirror but by that time you will discover it, it will be too late for you. Thus, it is better to know the source of the mirror beforehand.
  • The newer mirrors manufactured undergo a process that eliminates the use of copper in the backing. Copper affects the life of a mirror drastically and therefore you should try to shop one which does not use copper in the backing. Copper free mirrors are the best quality mirrors.
  • The size of mirror also plays a major role when it comes to quality. Generally, mirror comes in quarter inches thickness but there are many different mirrors which are very thin and are specially made to suit certain uses such as mirrored wardrobe. Mirrors which are below quarter inches thickness directly comes under the low quality mirrors book. If you are looking for the best quality’s mirrors then you are at the right place for having the best all in form mirror shops.

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