Creative Tips To Build Structures With Stonemasons

Stonemasons are foundation to any masonry works or works involving stone structures. They do the work on a contract basis and are instrumental in building stone structures such as piers, and walls including the abutments. The kind of work that a stonemason does is sometimes detailed. He specializes in artifacts and can also do menial labor such as laying of sidewalks and roads made out of natural stones.

The type of work that a stonemason does is varied. Their work involves:

  • Laying out pavements or sidewalks.
  • Curbstone construction.
  • Masonry specializing in vats , floors and tanks.
  • Building piers, walls etc.

Types of stones that are used by these masons are of different types and shapes such as:

  • Igneous stones – Granite as we know is one of the hardest stones and is also very much in demand in recent times for kitchen uses. Flooring and kerbstones makes the use of granite important. Stonemasons can help you in such work.
  • Metamorphic – Marble is a fine example in mason work and comes in various colors. These have been traditionally used to carve stone statues and its use can be seen in Italy for many of its building were initially built with this kind of stone. History bears testimony to some of the finest marble monuments. Stonemasons deal with works related to this kind of fine stones.
  • Sedimentary – There are many examples of churches built out of this kind of stone. Lime stones and sandstones are fine examples of sedimentary stones used in the construction of cathedrals too.

The work that the stonemasons do can be further classified into categories such as:

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  • Rubble masonry in which the roughly dressed up stones are placed in a mortar. This kind of construction work is known as Rubble Masonry.
  • When the same work is done using cut stones it is termed Ashlar Masonry.
  • Apart from this, you have the Stone Veneer where there is a protective and decorative covering used for protecting the interior and exterior of the walls and surfaces. Metal tabs are placed in the wall which makes it impossible for the stonework to tar away from the wall.
  • The other type of stone masonry is known as Slip form Masonry. This is a method for creating stone walls with the help of formwork and this contains the rock and mortar and also aids in keeping the walls straight.

Tips to locate Stone Masons:

  • Now that the kinds of stones and the work involved by means of stonemasonry have been enumerated, let’s come to the topic of finding an apt stonemason. This is one of the most important dilemmas that we face. A proper and adequate stonemason is one who understands your needs and accordingly delivers product you are looking for on time. There are numerous websites online that list the stone masons available in your State and the jurisdiction that you belong to. These people will cater to the requirements of stone masonry, restoration work, landscaping of gardens, construction work, architectural carvings, stone artifact cleaning, paint removals and any alterations of structure.
  • There are stone masons listed on directories and who also come to your house on a first call basis. There are masons available for emergency repairs to your property as well. All you need to find these people is to search for them online or through agencies located in your area dealing with this kind of work. There are reviews of some of the agencies mentioned online along with a brief review of their work too. This goes a long way in obliterating your dilemma. Please come with us now and see lot of beneficial products to create a monument, including Stonemasons.

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