Borehose- Saves Time For Connecting With Hose

A Bore hose is a flexible drop pipe, used to easily install submersible pumps. The design is made simple, efficient and safe. These are installed to combat against the aggressive water conditions, found commonly in mining, petroleum or naval industries. Other industries that use hoses are agriculture, water industries, solar power industries and other environmental industries. Bore hose is used in many places around the world including North America, South America, Asia, Africa, Europe and Australia.

Contaminated sites require pumping in aggressive conditions resulting in frequent replacement of pipes, motors and pump. Bore hose is corrosion resistant and protects the machinery under adverse condition.


Why use it?

  • Pumping water from underground is a hidden operation. We cannot see the water line, the pump or the drop pipe used. All that we can see is the tank and the water pipe leading to the ground. We don’t know how bad the conditions underground are, and how bad it can harm the pipes. Bore hose protects the other parts.
  • Maintenance would often be overlooked or delayed due to the difficulty of inspecting and removing every inch of the pump. Scaling and internal growth would contribute to increased energy consumption, while if ignored the corrosion could cause catastrophic consequences.
  • Bore hose solves the maintenance problem as it comes with many years of warranty and once it has gone underground it stays as the watchful protector.

Advantages of a Bore hose

  • It can be simply installed and retrieved. Designed to deliver high performance; it ensures the safety of the submersible pumps.
  • It is corrosion free and it does not scale. So, it can be used for many years and considered as a onetime investment.
  • It is not affected by any microbiological attack.
  • Comes with a superb tensile strength and superb hydraulic performance and flow rate.
  • Available in continuous length of about 200m and very advantageous in restricted working areas, in high mountains or sharp cliff.
  • It is light in weight and easy to transport, handled, stored. It can be rolled flat.
  • Using it causes reduction in manpower. The job can be easily done without any chaos.
  • Apart from the extended life, the Bore hose pump can be handled easily and without contamination of any kind.


bore hose

Because of its many inherent attributes including corrosion resistance, flexibility and ease of handling, there are many areas where Bore hose is used.

  • Salt Water Intrusion – Where the over-pumping of the groundwater has caused in the initiation of sea water into the aquifer.
  • Yield testing – Where a pump has to be installed and removed on a regular basis.
  • Solar applications – Where water has to be supplied to remote areas and the cost and time of solving breakdowns is intangible.
  • Groundwater recharge – Where the water is supplied deep underground.
  • Mine dewatering– Where aggressive water results in constant substitution of rigid pipes.

One time investment, lifetime benefit

It is unarguable that a Bore hose has tremendous importance in working with ease and efficiency. It resembles a fire hose but with higher pressure settings. It is corrosion proof and a good carrier, useful in all situations. It is lightweight and this is the reason why it takes up less space than traditional rigid pipes. It is easier and less expensive to transport. You don’t even need a truck to carry your heavy weight equipment if there is Bore hose. It does not take a team of men to set it up but requires only 2 men and a rolling wheel, and in turn reduces your labor charges. It guarantees peace of mind in long term. Please visit our website to get more information about Bore hose and solve your installation problems with hose

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