Headstones – Get Ideas For Engraving Types & Maintaining

When your loved one dies, you may wonder about the obituary formalities and the headstone inscriptions. Headstone inscriptions are mainly expressive of your deep feelings and condolences for the departed souls whom you loved. May be it is short or a long poem. You always try to make the inscriptions attractive and creative. Most of the people write some creative lines in the headstone inscriptions and when you visit the manufacturer of the headstones, they also tell you some templates and you can select one from their collections. But if you want to make it differently then you can use some song lines or you can write your own written poem also. Death is always related to heaven and god, and still now lines from the Bible are the first choice as the headstone inscriptions.  The following things may be incorporated with the headstone inscriptions:

  • Name of the individual
  • His/her date of birth
  • Quotes/verse
  • Image
  • Personal information

What are the headstone designs available in the market?

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For those of you who think that headstones are just a mere marking, it is time you come to know its significance. Headstones or markers come in a variety of forms serving mostly as an identity mark. There are various types of headstones.

  • Bevel markers: These are mostly around 8 inches in thickness, lie horizontally on ground and are positioned just above grass.
  • Flat markers: These are also known as grass markers and are known to lie horizontally on the ground with grass and shrubs embracing the stone. Apart from this there are slant markers, monuments and ledgers.

What are the materials mostly used for the headstones?

Headstones which are mainly crafted from stone can also be found in bronze composition and sometimes in a combination of granite and bronze. The color of these granites may vary:

  • Brown
  • Black
  • Pink
  • Gray

How to purchase the headstone?

Headstones are easily available. They are found in a host of places which majorly include:

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  • Funeral homes
  • Cemeteries
  • Retailers
  • Third party retailers

Since cemeteries cover different areas, installing a headstone bought from another state may cause would mean paying extra charges because most cemeteries have their own set of norms.

The cost of a headstone

Headstone prices vary widely as per the weight and size of the stone. While a bigger headstone may cost you a hefty amount, the smaller size can seem pocket-friendly. Following are the factors that determine the price of a headstone:

  • The size of the headstone
  • The weight of the headstone
  • The pattern of the headstone
  • The type of headstone

An imported headstone or one that is ordered to a third party retailer may cost extra since it is inclusive of shipping charges. However it is to be noted that there are no charges for engravings, be it images or texts. A majority of cemeteries recommend people to buy headstones directly from their vendors since they are associated with them. Before buying a headstone from a retailer or any third party retailer ensure that the cemetery allows you to install it.

How to maintain and clean the headstones?

It is very difficult to maintain the headstone, but the following ideas can help you to clean the headstone for a longer time.

  • Take fabric and cut it to size such that it fits the sides of the headstone.
  • Secure fabric with masking tape to get a grip over the stone while rubbing.
  • Choose a direction for rubbing.
  • Apply even pressure throughout rubbing.
  • Most experts recommend ironing before the fabric is used for rubbing so that the wax sets well onto the fabric.

Now there are several types of headstone available in the market and you can select your one accordingly. In this regards, you can consult with your cemetery and they can guide you in a proper way or you can search online and get some useful ideas from the different search engine portals. Find the best quality stone please click here and get useful information for Headstones now.


One thought on “Headstones – Get Ideas For Engraving Types & Maintaining

  1. We are trying to get a headstone ordered for my wife’s grandmother who passed away. The family requested that we get one that will stand out and will be easy to spot. We hadn’t even realized that a pink granite option would be available, and that might be a good way to make it stand out more. Thanks for sharing this with us, as it seems like a great investment for us at this time.


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