Why Structural Steel Is Much Important In Construction

It is during seventeenth century that steel turned out to be a commonly utilized material but not until 19th century keeping term with the growth of efficient production techniques that steel turned out to be manufactured in bulk and deemed as one of the cheapest and efficient materials.  These days, with the steady development of the metal’s standard and production procedure, steel has turned out to be one of the most common materials utilized all around the world and it plays a crucial role in all other significant industries, which includes construction, automobile and transportation divisions. So steel contributes to the economic progress of the country. Steel is actually integrated in the infrastructural creation of our country. Now steel is an alloy, an amalgamation of iron and carbon. However, the alloy ratio differs largely depending upon the purpose and use of the metal. Steel is known for its unparallel durability, strength and temperature resistance.

Use of steel in construction

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When you are to build stadium, buildings, skyscrapers, mansions, bridges, any structure usually employed so that the building skeleton could derive strong support. Steel is not employed individually but maximum times it is used in conjunction with wood and concrete, so that additional reinforcement in the construction structure can be provided. Now owing to the protection corollary corresponded with construction, there are few restrictions and rules and specific standards that are put on steel industry. So appropriate shape, size, structure, weight and composition of the steel all are clearly mentioned in the regulation so that emerges no confusion emerges whatsoever.

Why steel is used so much in construction

Steel makes the process speedier

Design, erection, fabrication steel makes the process faster for the framing work to be completed in no time. So it can be said that structural steel improves productivity and this enhancement is traceable not only in filed activities but also in shops and stores

Reasonable project costs

Research has proved that structural steel involved in framing system costs comparatively lower than other material. So it does not matter whether fire protection and decking are involved in it or not, steel costs relatively less in every case.

Aesthetic Appeal

Structural steel is with a favorite choice of the architects, they actually praise the natural beauty of steel, and they are highly excited to include it in their design only to reinforce grace, transparency and strength of their construction framework. Spans having no columns, efficacy of using colored coatings and the prospect for natural illumination emphasize the graceful simplicity of employing steel.

Flexibility in design

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From less, intricate functional structure to compound signature design structural steel can be used maneuvered into anything. So if comparison can be made, no other construction material comes even close to steel in competence to encourage liberty of expression and design resourcefulness

Extreme Strength

Even though all other material talks of high potency, but they do not come close to steel, which is primarily known for its strength and power. Steel is known in market as the high strength material and it comes with yield stress of 50,000 pounds for each square inch equally in tension and compression. So steel is one of the finest most efficient materials for construction. 

Flexible in designing

Structural engineers are greatly in love with steel. As tools are great in number using which steel can be molded into any shape, any structure. Involving innovative technology, complex structures can be formed and that is too without losing clarity and precision.


All structural steel is sustainable. It is one of the widely known recycled materials. This material can be reused and this does not need any further processing. As the carbon footprint is reduced considerably, even the energy, which is used in making this steel, is also not much. If you want more details for structural steel, then please keep in touch with us today!

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