Tips For A Choosing The Right Kitchen Design

With changing times and a busier lifestyle the kitchen is no longer the loner at the house. It has ceased from being a mother’s work space to become more of a family space. Its place for kids and parents to bond while cooking up the meal together. Hence it becomes very necessary to plan properly the kitchen designs. A well-planned kitchen design increases aesthetics along with functionality.

Kitchen Designs should not Compromise on the Below Design Standards for the Safety and Well Being of the Home Dwellers:

  • Kitchen designs must allow for good ventilation in the kitchen with ample light and air circulation. This not only improves the hygiene in the kitchen but also increases the safety in case of incidents like gas leakage etc.
  • Kitchen designs must have separate areas for washing vessels and clothes, so that the whole kitchen doesn’t become wet.
  • Kitchen designs must have provision for letting out the smoke and heat produced during cooking. Kitchen designs must find a spot for fixing the gas cylinder with air circulation to prevent any mishaps due to gas leakage.
  • Traditional kitchens are usually cordoned off from other rooms with walls and doors.

However, modern kitchen designs do not impose any such restrictions. It gives us lot of flexibility in choosing as per our needs. Kitchens can be designed as an extension of our living and dining rooms. In fact, few kitchens have dining areas inside them.

Checklist for Planning a Superior Kitchen Design:

  • Open kitchen or a traditional kitchen? Though it is true that an open kitchen lets in ample light and makes the kitchen appear more spacious, at times when the kitchen is messy with unclean countertops and half-done dishes, it might not be a welcome sight for the visitors and guests at home. So how smart a chef you are should guide you into taking this decision.
  • Shape of the kitchen – Kitchen designs can accommodate various shapes -for instance L shaped or U shaped or parallel counter tops. It depends on the size of the kitchen and number of people to be present in the kitchen at any time. For example a parallel kitchen design is best suited for kitchen with smaller carpet area and single person at work.

The Wall and Floor Units must be Designed Well:

  • Depending on the storage requirements one should decide on the number of units to be wall-mounted and the floor units to be placed beneath the countertops. Should they be fully covered with wood, frosted glass or metal doors or left open is another design decision to take.
  • Separate space for cutlery and appliances – Kitchen designs should include provision for keeping essential home appliances like oven, refrigerator. They should be strategically placed as close so that wires and tubes don’t cross the moving space.

Customized Kitchen Designs including Cabinets and Counter Tops:

  • Choice of raw materials for the cabinets and counter-tops – If going for wooden cabinets the type of wood and the color is the next point to work on. Also cost of wood should fit into our budget, while considering its longevity and the shade so that they merge with the surrounding and looks appealing. Granite or marble would be ideal for kitchen counter-tops.
  • Custom made or readymade -Custom made kitchen designs are expensive and time consuming to make. Nowadays ready-made modular kitchen designs come in many shapes, sizes, color and are just a call away. They can be transported and fitted in very easily.

Having decided on the above points, a rough estimate can be obtained from the dealer to see if it fits within our budget and required alterations be made.

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