Identify an Individual Well With Sign of School Badges

Badges are special tokens and emblems that are given to signify an honor, achievement or membership. Badges are meant for presenting a unique symbol of identity/ membership in a particular group or organization, or for meritorious students who stand different from others. Sometimes they are presented to signify a special rank in hierarchy like in defense forces. Badges can also be classified into school badges, activity badges, sports badges, event badges etc.

Badges are made of plastic, Enamel, or even metal sometimes. Plastic badges are the most reasonable in price followed by enamel and metallic badges. The material used also determines the strength of the badge.  

Use of badges

  • School Badges:

These Badges signify the students who are Head Girl/Head Boy, Prefects or captains, mentors, etc. They adorn the badge on their shirts to show that they are different from the rest of the students.

school badges

  • Achievement Badges:

These badges signify achievement in Arts, science and Sports activities. These badges can have the respective event engraved or designed on them.

  • Custom Badges:

These are made on special order and are specifically designed keeping in mind the purpose of their distribution. Students with 100% attendance or special efforts in community service, boy/girl scout may be presented with Custom badges.

Students who show extraordinary performance in their extracurricular activities receive acknowledgement from the school teachers and other authorities so that they feel happy and encouraged about what they have achieved. This keeps them motivated and always on their toes to achieve something more. Also the students feel proud when they flaunt their badges in their families and friends so that they come to know regarding the achievements of the student. If no recognition is given, the performance may remain restricted only among a certain set of people associated with the event. In order to boost the morale of some candidates, teachers offer badges to students to set certain academic or sports related goals for them so that they are always poked for what they have to achieve.

Types of badges

  • Button: Generally oval or round in shape, these are inexpensive badges. They are generally given to students for participation in an event.
  • Bar: They are meant for House prefects, House Captains, Head girl/Head boys. The designation is engraved on the badge. They can have plastic, enamel or metal bodies.
  • Shield: These badges are in the shape of a shield and generally signify achievements in different events. They are generally made of enamel or metal.
  • Enamel: These are the smallest badges, in various fun shapes, e.g. stars.
  • Sports: These badges are given to candidates who excel in sports. Sometimes they even have something printed to denote the particular sport.

Badges are worn by people to show that they belong to a particular organization or that they support a cause, are rank holders in an organization or they have achieved something. They are usually made from plastic or metal and have words engraved on them or have designs on them.

Badges are also distributed to motivate participation of students in various activities organized in schools. This increases reputation of those students also who otherwise remain inactive in classrooms. If a school recognizes the hobby of a student, he or she may become motivated to pursue it in a professional way. So if school identifies the talent of their students and wishes to recognize the same, presenting its students with badges will always be very effective in boosting their morale. Such identification has shown great results over the period as students themselves want to be holders of the badge forever if they achieve them once. If you want to know more details about School Badges then please visit our website today!

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