Wheelchair Gel Seat Cushion – Solve Sitting Problems For Long Duration


gel seat cushions for wheelchairs

Long hours of sitting on wheelchair can be really painful and discomforting. If your loved one is immobile and has been in a wheelchair for a significant number of days, it might be very difficult for him/her. Most of the time, long hours of sitting on wheelchair cause pressure sores. Ulcers are caused in the areas which remain under pressure for long hours. Moreover, it is painful for the person with limited movements to change his position on his own. That is the reason you need to buy wheelchair gel seat cushion. It’s a cushion that will provide the much needed support to the backbone of the person and will also reduce the occurrence of sores and ulcers. The gel seat cushion can be attached to the wheelchair to provide utmost comfort and care to the person.

For preventing sores and ulcers

As discussed, a wheelchair gel seat cushion is the best option for preventing sores and ulcers. Sitting at one place and position for a long time can cause ulcers. That is the reason you need to attach gel seats on the wheelchair. However, you need to choose the right brand and quality of the cushion that you need to buy. In addition to preventing sores and ulcers, the gel seat cushion provides the best support to the spine. Thus, pain is reduced and the person with limited movement can have a better life. Moreover, the gel cushion helps in increasing the blood circulation and thus, makes it comfortable to move.

Purchasing a gel seat cushion

When it comes to buying a gel seat cushion, you must make it a point to buy a good brand of product. There are many brands of gel cushion available in the market. However, not all may be suitable for you to buy. If you are not choosing a good brand of gel seat cushion, the gel in the cushion might start to leak within a few days, Moreover, the cushion may not be completely comfortable for the person. In addition to that you may end up spending a lot of money in buying the wrong product. Moreover, you may also not get a satisfactory warranty on the product you are purchasing.

wheelchair gel seat cushion

Tips to choose the best wheelchair get seat cushion

When it comes to choosing the best gel seat cushion you must make it a point to ask the orthopedic doctor about the type of seat cushion you must buy.

  • Such a professional will be able to suggest you the right product to choose and will help you to learn the right way to use it under the pressurized body parts of the patient on wheelchair.
  • The best brand of good quality wheelchair cushion is made from silicon gel, and on top of that it is the viscoelastin foam.
  • Such a cushion allows a lot of air circulation and also relieves pressure. A gel cushion reduced the pace at which the temperature of the pressurized area of the skin gets heated. Thus, there is a less tendency of the skin to get rashes, sores, and discomforting ulcers. Such a chair cushion is best for patients who are undergoing  post-operation therapies and treatments. So,you must always choose a good brand of wheelchair gel seat cushion for your loved one.

Buying a wheelchair gel seat cushion online

There are a few reputed stores or buying wheelchair gel cushion. You need to choose a reputed store for buying such a product. Remember, it is the matter of comfort of your loved one. Advise to not to compromise on the quality of the product you purchase. So you can choose wheelchair gel seat cushion with all your comforts and support for the lower back.


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