Why You Must Have Car Park Wheel Stops

Car park wheel stops are traffic management devices that help to alert a driver about the correct position of parking. Often, wheel stops are placed some distance away from the nearest immovable property, such as a wall, or a curb. That way, the risk of the driver bumping his car into a pavement or a wall while parking is practically reduced.

wheel stops

Thus, car park wheel stops can be really handy in garages, malls, and public parking spaces. They can prevent collisions with nearby objects, thus safeguarding vehicles as well as the property. Often, employees working in malls can find scratches and dents on their cars when it is time to go home. With wheel stops, parking spaces can be designated clearly, and vehicle owners are kept practically aware about where to stop.

Types of car park wheel stops

Wheel stops for car parking are available in three materials- concrete, rubber, and plastic. All the three materials have their pros and cons. However, out of all the three, rubber wheel stops always make for the most viable and convenient option.

Concrete wheel stops

They are really heavy wheel stops that can withstand huge amount of force. However, their weight makes them difficult to transport and install. Moreover, they can be detrimental to the vehicle, and can easily chip or crack, resulting in losses.

Plastic wheel stops

car park wheel stops

Much lighter than the concrete variety, they are the cheapest of the lot. While they are suitable for personal garages and parking spaces, they may not be a viable option for commercial spaces. Since they are very lightweight, they may not be very effective with heavy vehicles.

Rubber wheel stops

  • They offer the perfect middle ground between plastic and concrete variety. They are very light compared to the concrete variety, but heavier than the plastic ones.
  • Thus, while they can be easily transported and installed, they do an effective job of stopping vehicles from bumping into walls.
  • Often, it takes just one person to load and unload rubber car park wheel stops.
  • Since they are easy to carry around from one place to another, carrying out repairs and maintenance around them is also not a hassle. On the other hand, working around bulky blocks of concrete stops can be tricky. The best part about rubber stops is that they do not chip like the concrete variety. Thus, even if a car accidentally goes over them, they won’t break and crack. That makes them long-lasting and you get the true value for money.

rubber wheel stops

In addition to that, rubber stops are dyed in easily visible colors, unlike the concrete blocks that are painted. Thus, the rubber variety does not fade away with time, something that is a problem with concrete car park wheel stops.

You can even buy stops made from recycled rubber

Recycled rubber wheel stops are all the rage these days. Environment-friendly, they can often be much cheaper than those made from brand new rubber. Thus, they give consumers a win-win situation.

A few considerations when buying car park wheel stops

  1. Check if the supplier can give you stops in different colors to designate different kinds of parking areas. For example, you can have yellow stops for standard parking, blue stops for handicap parking, and red stops for reserved parking.
  2. Consider the size of the blocks that you need. Generally, car park wheel stops are available as four feet, six feet, and eight feet blocks. While four feet blocks are the least expensive, six feet blocks are the most popular for malls and other commercial establishments. If you need stops for truck parking though, eight feet blocks are your best bet.

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