Style Up Your Kitchen With Stainless Steel Splashbacks

Stainless steel is an alloy of steel with a minimum of 10.5% chromium contained in it. The most advantageous property of stainless steel is that it does not readily corrode, rust or stain due to water like ordinary steel. It also comes in different grades and surface finishes to suit particular needs. Splashback is a sheet that can be made out of glass, plastic or non-corrosive metal to be attached to a wall above a wet area. It may be placed above a basin or cooking area so as to protect the area from being splashed by water, oil or spills from any other liquid or semi-liquid that would make the wall dirty and difficult to clean.

Conventional splashbacks

stainless steel splashbacks melbourne

Conventionally, splashbacks used for kitchens and basin are made of either glasses or tiles. Since both glass and tile come in a variety of single coloured or prints, they have been attractive options for most homes across the world. Apart from the utility value, conventional kitchens have held an important position in the world of interior design and décor. Splashbacks used were usually used as a continuity of the existing tile design. However, new generation of kitchens are moving on to use stainless steel splashbacks.

  • Apart from being used in new houses and apartments, new stainless steel kitchen splashback is also being increasingly used while renovating or remodelling old kitchens and wash areas
  • These splashbacks are designed to take any spills of oil and grease, splashes of water or food such that they can be wiped clean easily
  • Apart from acting as a protective barrier, modern stainless steel splash back does not compromise with decorative and aesthetic element as they come in different finishes to suit rest of the kitchen décor. Along with all other contemporary changes in style, décor too has taken on a new style.

perforated sheet

New generation splashback

Combination of single colours or pure monochromatic are the latest colour trends for walls. With these combinations, stainless steel looks very contemporary and chic apart from the fact that it is very easy to clean. Since stainless steel splashbacks comes as a single structure, it has a smooth and sparkling surface which has an edge over a tiled splash back which in turn has joints in between. In an age of design which is devoted straight lines and simplicity, they give the décor a very contemporary look. Moreover, its continuous surface gives an effect of visual continuity to the eye complimenting any other single colour used in the décor.

The price factor

Apart from the aesthetically suitable angle, these splashbacks are reusable unlike glass and tiled splashback which are fixed to the wall for good. If you are on a job that requires frequent transfers, relocating or shifting, this reusable type of splashback is definitely a better option. They are simply mounted on to the wall with screws which can be removed whenever required and reinstalled in another place. Even while relocating the kitchen in the same house, it retains its worth unlike tiled splashbacks which involve complex process of using mortar for installation and is neither removable nor reusable.

perforated metal sheet

The expense of installing these splashback is three times higher than those of tiles or glass. But considering the above factors, it will be unfair to compare and judge the price involved. The processing and finish of stainless steel is more expensive than that of tiles. Moreover, installing tiles is labour based and time consuming in addition to being a messy affair of having to mix mortar for placing them appropriately on the wall. In comparison, these 9mm or 6mm steel splashbacks just need to be put in-place with screws. If you would like to know more about Stainless Steel Splashbacks, then please join us today and get the modern technology that deliver quality products.


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